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Na’ama Ben Moshe | You Are A Doll! | July 11.16

Hello! It’s me. Einat. It’s been forever since I wrote something. With the 2016 Graduate shows popping up in Israel and while few of my favorite 2015 graduates starting to bloom, I decided that it’s the perfect time to show up and just start writing again. So… Without further ado, let’s talk about Na’ama Ben …

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Student Break | Shmulik Doron | Shiny Happy (Tiny) Creatures | September 12.14

As it turns out, Shmulik Doron and I have something in common. Our imagination tends to work overtime and therefore we spot faces even on still objects. Life is so much fun that way, I can promise you that much. Anyway, back to Shmulik. He is a super fresh graduate out of the Industrial Design …

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Student Break | Tom Melnick | Gloomie. A Doll For The Depressed You | July 10.14

I’m having such a hard time keeping all the 2014 Graduate posts to myself before the Graduate Shows actually starts. Oh well, who cares. Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite illustrated discoveries, Miss Tom Melnick. Tom is a brand new graduate of the Communication Design Department at the Shenkar College and …

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Shopping Break | Monkey Business | January 17.14

If there is one “toy” that I really want and actually need is this adorable monkey. It was first designed by Kay Bojesen back in 1951 and the Rosendahl Design Group decided to reproduce it. A very smart move on their behalf, if I might add. I’ve seen The Monkey all over the internet and …

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