Student Break | Neta Cohen | Paper Crush and Then Some… | August 12.12

I’ve been looking for this animation all over the web like a mad woman, and finally I found it! Neta Cohen sure knows how to intrigue. Her graduation animation aka Tap to Retry, is also her first attempt at stop motion, how crazy is that?! I can’t stop pressing on the repeat button. …

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My Japanese Break | Hiroko Takahashi | Follow The Bright Light | April 29.12

One of the things that keeps me going are the butterflies that come to visit inside my stomach once in a while. And let me tell you something, nothing can beat this exciting feeling! While visiting the 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan in Tokyo I experienced something which I hadn’t for a long time. I …

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Student Break | Hila Martuzana | The Rhythm of Paper | November 23.11

The cycle of nature and the transition between seasons are the inspiration behind Hila Martuzana’s collection. Changes in climate, motion, rhythm, smells and feelings, all of which are the focal point in this white parade. I can go on and on about the logistics and inspiration behind it all but the fact of …

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SketchTex | Danielle Manor | Paper Baggage | July 10.11

I’ll let you in on a little secret, Danielle Manor is one of my favorite 2011 graduates from the Textile Design Department at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design but till I write a proper post regarding her graduation project, allow me to introduce her paper world. Danielle’s bags are made out of a …

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