Student Break | Hadar Glick | And Then They Where Six (Vases) | October 15.12

A loss is always a loss. Hadar Glick designed a series of six vases, each deals with the emotions that revolves around memory and loss. “In contrast to flowers, which wither and fade away with time, the vases are constant and serve as an eternal testimony of our memories.” Hadar’s goal was to …

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Yaarit Mechany | Lucid Dream, a Floral Fantacy | April 28.11

A sneak peek of Yaarit Mechany’s first solo exhibition! Happening tonight at the Periscope – Contemporary Design Gallery in Tel Aviv. Yaarit’s childhood memories, nostalgia and fantasies come to life by techniques that are long gone these days. I’m dying to see Yaarit’s magical touch and her use of floral fabrics. It makes …

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OverLock | Rotem Rylski | Made with love | September 14.10

Lately I find myself daydreaming about my childhood and the memories from back then. Rotem’s story touched a soft spot right there and then. “Few years ago I found a suitcase full of cloth leftovers at my grandma’s closets, for some reason I just couldn’t throw them away (in psychology that’s called “Attachment”, …

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Student Break | Guy Koenigstein | Independence State Of Mind | April 20.10

Today is Israel’s independence day. For some reason I feel like Guys project, Family Stories, deals with something that is familiar to most Israelis. It made me think about my own family and my own comfort zone here in Israel. BTW, this is Guy’s graduation project from the Man and Public Space Department …

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