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35 It Is… | December 1.13

You guys, today was super special… Yep, I turned 35 and… I need to get used to that number. I will tell you all about my special day later on this week but in the meanwhile, I just wanted to share with you my over the top excitement. I know, I know… I shouldn’t feel …

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Today, Eight Years Ago… | September 2.13

Technically the Mister and I have been married for eight years. Today! But to be honest, it feels like we are together since forever and I mean it in the most loving way. We met in 1996 and ever since we’ve been together. So if I’m doing some quick math, we’ve been together for 17 …

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Today, Six Years Ago… | September 2.11

Today, six years ago, I married my best friend. I can honestly say that my life feels complete with him by my side. Our endless conversations, coffee dates on Monday mornings, exciting holidays and so many other little random stuff that we share make me feel SO special. My Mr, I love you …

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