Exhibition Break

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone! | January 12.15

Is there such a thing as an “Israeli illustration”? If so, what characterizes it? Where do “comfort zone” and “war zone” meet? What happens when the political defines the personal and vice versa? So many questions BUT… let’s start from the beginning. Avital Manor is my hero. She is also the curator behind Comfort Zone, …

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Wizo Design Academy and It’s Big Boys | May 28.14

You already know about the illustrated party (aka Illustration Week 2014), which is taking place this week in Tel Aviv. Right? After sharing with you Sagi Ashin’s royal animals, it’s time to move on to the next exhibition, Big Boys. This one is by students, graduates and professors of the Wizo Design Academy, under the …

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Miki Mottes | The Rabtus Exchange Program | October 24.13

If you’ve been here for a while, yo probably know that I’m a big fan of Miki Mottes and his illustrated character, Rabtus. Rabtus is a green rabbitcactus, who usually appears alongside Cumber (a friendly cucumber). Miki decided that it was time to spice things up and so turned to 40 talented illustrators from over …

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Avraham Cornfeld and Didi Kfir | Alef, Bet, Gimel aka ABC | March 15.13

I’ve been following Avraham Cornfeld’s footsteps for quite a long time (since he graduated back in 2010 to be exact). This guy has a special and unstoppable drive and he does it all (some Hebrew friendly examples like: alefalefalef, Untitled, backtomenu and not to forget his artistic side as a photographer…) Anyways, next …

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Student Break | Michal Fierstein | Woven Dreams | March 7.13

A collaboration between a huge company (aka Ikea) and one of the most exciting design departments in Israel (aka Shenkar’s Textile Design Department) can only mean heaven on earth! The 4th year students had to design “a big change at a small price” to make better everyday life for as many people around …

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