Tamara Efrat | Coding, The Embroidered Way | January 11.16

Instagram is a wonderful thing, especially when you live abroad and need your daily fix of Israeli inspiration. That’s where I stumbled upon Tamara Efrat’s mesmerizing Crafted Technology. Crafted Technology is a collaborated research project between Tamara, a M.Des graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy and Moran Mizrahi and Dr. Amit …

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Student Break | Danielle Aiber | Embroidering Away | August 12.13

It seems like so many people around me know how to create an embroidery. And me? I’m so not good at it! To be honest, I’m such a terrible crafter. When I first stumbled upon Danielle Aiber’s Embroidered furniture I fell in love with the color combination of the threads and then… I fell in …

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World Break | Carissa Wen-Hsien Hsu | Tracing Your Emotions | March 13.12

“Between”, by Carissa Wen-Hsien Hsu, caught me off guard. In her own sensitive way, Carissa is experiencing the art of measuring relationships. Not sure what to make of it yet, but there is something quite touching and vulnerable about it… By embroidering moments, it’s almost like you leave your own mark or even …

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