Israelis@MilanDesignWeek | Shir Atar | Animated Stools | April 14.11

Shir Atar’s Elevation Stools are being exhibited simultaneously at the Post Fossil exhibition in the Design Museum Holon and at the Promise Design 2001 during Milan Design Week. I’m pretty sure he is a happy man at the moment. “Elevation, is a family of stools made from recycled, non-woven yarns. Inspired by country …

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MezooMe | Anat Biala | I See Cute Creatures Everywhere | February 8.11

Oh my, I guess someone heard me out there… I’m in a quest for adorable kids stuff now that I see babies everywhere thanks to my friends and special someone in my family. Those cutesy creatures will be such a bright addition to my… sorry, their never ending collection. BTW, Mezoome products are …

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