Pudish | Avital Pudinsky | Black Pen. White Format. Endless Doodles | September 18.14

It all began when I saw this brilliant picture on Ohad Benit’s instagram feed. Let’s pause for a quick side note. Ohad is hands down my favorite Israeli instagrammer. Check his feed and you’ll see why. So, when Ohad shares sneak peeks of future projects he is working on, I’m taking notes. Back to the …

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Like Knows Like | Geffen Refaeli and her DailyDoodleGram | August 14.14

Ever since Geffen Refaeli shared with her @DailyDoodleGram followers on Instagram, that she is about to be featured on Like Knows Like short documentary series, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. I might have refreshed the Like Knows Like site one too many times. Well, after all it’s no secret that I’m a big fan …

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