Student Break | Shmulik Doron | Shiny Happy (Tiny) Creatures | September 12.14

As it turns out, Shmulik Doron and I have something in common. Our imagination tends to work overtime and therefore we spot faces even on still objects. Life is so much fun that way, I can promise you that much. Anyway, back to Shmulik. He is a super fresh graduate out of the Industrial Design …

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World Break | Minka Inhouse | Chilean Soul | June 26.14

Fran Aldea, the heart and brains behind Minka Inhouse, had only one wish when she started her crafty journey in her home town Santiago, Chile. Her wish was to find a way to celebrate local craftsmanship that comes from the heart. First she quit her day job, then she started searching for talented local craftsmen …

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Studio ONEandMANY | Calculated Splashes of Black | February 14.14

When you fall in love with a designer, you always re-visit his kingdom in hoping to find new treasures. At least that’s how I roll. I’ve been following Yaara Landau-Katz’s (aka studio ONEandMANY) design steps since I first stumbled upon her graduation project back in 2012. Yaara was an industrial design student, who simply enjoyed …

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Student Break | Yaara Landau | Changing Forms | August 7.12

When you know, you know! The minute I stumbled upon Yaara Landau’s ceramic zone, at the Shenkar College graduate show, I knew that I’m on to something really special. So special, that I’ll be waiting for the mass production version! Yaara’s ability to create a unified formal language, while playing with different compositions, …

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