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Minimalit | Lital Gurai | Leo, Other Signs and All That Jazz | August 20.15

There is nothing I like more than being surprised while scrolling down my Instagram feed. About a week ago, I stumbled upon this magical illustration by Rotem Levitan (a post about her is in the works!). That’s when I discovered, the most adorable headbands by Lital Gurai aka Minimalit. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel royal, with this …

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Student Break | Tom Melnick | Gloomie. A Doll For The Depressed You | July 10.14

I’m having such a hard time keeping all the 2014 Graduate posts to myself before the Graduate Shows actually starts. Oh well, who cares. Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite illustrated discoveries, Miss Tom Melnick. Tom is a brand new graduate of the Communication Design Department at the Shenkar College and …

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