Instagram Dishes? Hell Yeah! | May 20.15

  • “How do you create an entirely new and exciting food experience for foodies who believe they’ve already seen it all?”
    For the team of Carmel wineries (one of the largest and oldest wineries in Israel) the answer was simple. They call it FOODOGRAPHY. “A series of unique and unforgettable live dining events, that doubled as photography workshops and at the center of lie two first-of-a-kind dishes created to capture the perfect shot of gourmet food through a smartphone.”
    You have no idea how excited it made me feel (as a hopeless foodie-grapher) when I first spotted these brilliant Instagram dishes on my facebook feed. I guess that’s what happens when most of your facebook friends are designers.
    But enough about me. Back to this rad project. The three, who turned this Syfy concept into a realty, are truly a dream team, in Israel and beyond. I’m referring to Adi Nissani (a ceramic designer who specializes in artisan tableware and develops custom made collections for restaurants), Dan Perez (my absolute favorite Israeli food photographer) and Meir Adoni (a well renowned chef).
    If you ask me what’s the best next thing you should do right now, it’s watching this yummy video and then… well, I’m sure you gonna wish these dishes are up for grabs for you to have and to hold at your next dinner table. I know that’s exactly how I feel. Oh well, I guess a girl can dream.

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Touchka | Wearable Stories | May 12.15

  • Jenny Lumelsky was one of the firsts who joined me, on my Illustrated Break, with her beautiful wallpaper, back in 2011. When she wrote me about Touchka, her brand new adventure with her very own mister, Tomer Ronen, I couldn’t be happier. After all, it doesn’t get any better than breezy scarves and beautiful illustrations. Right?
    Truth be told, I can’t get enough of Jenny’s illustrated world. It’s super dreamy and fairy tale like. Anyways, back to Touchka.
    Touchka is a narrative collection of scarves. Each scarf is illustrated and inspired by a favorite quote from a story or fairy tale: Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Little Prince, The Jungle Book and The Happy Prince.
    At the moment I’m all about these black panthers.
    I must admit that I’m super excited about Jenny and Tomer’s journey and can’t wait for many more chapters to be born and illustrated.
    What can I say, wearable stories, that’s one brilliant concept!
  • {Photos by Ella Uzan}

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Ira Design Lab | To The Moon And Back | May 7.15

  • Moons of Jupiter light fixtures are made of broken tempered glass combined with a clear polymer, shaped into organic structures. The journey to Jupiter began in 2007, when Ira Rozhavsky (then an industrial design student at the Bezalel Academy) worked on her graduate project and developed a new material.
    “To create these lamps, Ira has developed a unique manufacturing process that allows her to turn what was once fragile and brittle into something malleable and versatile.”
    When you stare at Ira’s light fixtures, it almost feels like you have a direct line into the life that might exist in the outer space. But seriously, these deceiving fragments pull you in and make you dig deep beneath the surface. Don’t they?
  • {Photos by Yoav Gurin}

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Studio Kahn | Not your Average Mundane Toys | May 5.15

  • While visiting my beloved Israel last month, I was invited to take a look at Studio Kahn’s solo exhibition From Mold to Fragment, at the Design Museum Holon.
    You have no idea how excited I felt, when I saw their whimsical creations with my own two eyes. It’s one thing to get excited by pretty pictures. But it’s a whole new world to actually get to see your favorite designs in person. It’s priceless, to say the least. Anyways, I’m only telling you because the Kahns (aka Mey and Boaz) just released their new collection that goes by the name Goltz. Well, on a second thought, it’s more like a sequel to their Herzel Collection (which is my favorite one).
    These two have a way to transform all these mundane toys into a piece of art, that you just have to have and to hold in your life.
    We all have a memory or object from our childhood that we want to keep close to our heart and not let go of. In a way, it feels like these ceramic beauties are Mey and Boaz’s way to keep their very own childhood memories alive and even glorified.
    FYI, you can find my previous posts about the Kahn’s right here.
  • {Photos by Eran Turgeman}

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World Break | Asia Pietrzyk | Striking An Illustrated Pose | April 23.15

  • I think that I need to thank Bri (aka DesignLoveFest) for introducing me to the magnificent Asia Pietrzyk and her magic hands. The next step (that happens Whenever I find a creative that I like) was searching her profile on Instagram and from there life is much brighter, prettier and happier. That’s exactly how I feel about Asia and her Instagram account. At first it was her showcasing the world how brilliant she is as an illustrator BUT THEN… Then came her oh-so-dreamy instamissimos.
    In her instamissimos, Asia strikes an illustrated pose. She picks her favorite insta-pics and transforms them into illustrations or gifs. In a way it’s a colorful version of my absolute fave DailyDoodleGram (you do know what I’m talking about. Right?!).
    At the moment there are 50 instamissimos and my two favorite ones are nº40 and nº16 oh and also this dreamy box of chocolates (aka nº5).
    I hope you get me. This girl is special. Super special. And I can’t wait for mountains of instamissimos to flowed my insta-feed.
    {This is a Polish Break}

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Producks | Did Someone Mention Coffee? | April 20.15

  • When you send an email that says “coffee” all over it, you get me. There is no question about that.
    Yoav Avinoam and Gil Sheffi, the Producks dudes, know me. They know me too well. Their latest creation, in collaboration with Artisan, goes by the name Kahawa. Yep, it means “coffee”. In Arabic.
    Inspired by the traditional Moroccan coffee table (did I mention that I’m half Moroccan?!), the two decided to put the legs center stage.
    “We asked what if the legs of the table go through the table top and create a new kind of decoration in context to the traditional design.”
    The Kahawa Table is nothing but an elegant and refined interpretation of the crazy busy Moroccan style. And I like it. Actually, I love it. A lot.

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KaRiniTi | Stitching The Night Away | April 14.15

  • When I was a child, I used to cross stitch almost every other piece of paper that came across me. I guess that’s why, when I first came across KaRiniTi’s embroidery sketchbooks on Instagram, it brought back so many good memories. I can only imagine, Karin Iticovich, the stitching goddess, sitting in her studio and working on all these nostalgic magnets. I can’t think of a better way to sail away with your imagination, coming up with fun geometric patterns and stitching the night away.

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Shiran Mann | The Texture Game | April 3.15

  • I think that it was my friend, Noa Kedmi, who first told me about her friend, Shiran Mann.
    Shiran is a textile designer, who has been fooling around with metals ever since high school. What I love most about Shiran’s work is the fact that you can spot right away the playfulness and good time she is having while creating. But seriously, I love that she works with different shades of metals and my oh my… look at all these textures and metallic ombré (I know, it’s a fancy word for gradient and I like it better!).
    I guess it takes a textile designer to be a master of color and texture. After all, that’s what they do best.
    At the moment I’m obsessing over Shiran’s dotted earrings. How wonderful are they?! I could gaze at these metals, their transitions and brush strokes-like spots, ALL DAY LONG. I kid you not.
    You can get in touch with Shiran at: Shiranmann {at} gmail {dot} com

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