Student Break | Danielle Aiber | Embroidering Away | August 12.13

  • It seems like so many people around me know how to create an embroidery. And me? I’m so not good at it! To be honest, I’m such a terrible crafter. When I first stumbled upon Danielle Aiber’s Embroidered furniture I fell in love with the color combination of the threads and then… I fell in love with the idea behind it. I know, with me it’s always color before everything else. But let’s go back to Danielle. While I might be shallow, Danielle thought about function as well and not just about the aesthetics of the embroidery itself. In addition to the decorative role of it, the embroidered thread connects actual parts and contributes to the object’s structure.
    BTW, Danielle is a 2013 graduate of the Industrial Design Department at H.I.T.

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Shopping Break | Ceramic Bangles? Yes, Please! | August 9.13 | Handpicked by me.

  • Whenever an industrial designer turns into an accessories designer, I know that only good things can come out of it. Julie Hung, the one behind Jujumade, is an industrial designer, who turned into a ceramist and now… her oh-so-beautiful first collection of handmade ceramic accessories has been born. I’m so in love with the splashes of glaze and these imperfect drops of color. It gives these creation a one of a kind vibe and although I’m not mush of a bangle warrior, I want to stack a bunch of them on my arm. Yep, that’s how much I love it!
    At the moment I’m debating between the Splatter Bangle and the Donut Bangle but probably will end up with the Splatter. How about you?
    BTW, you can read a little bit more about Julie and her creative process right here.

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Student Break | Rotem Azrad Malka | Being A Bride, It’s Complicated! | August 8.13

  • Just the other day I had a conversation with one of my new American friends about weddings and being a bride in the US. My day as a bride was so long ago (almost 8 years to be exact) but I sure am intrigued by customs and especially the ones that are foreign for me. I bet you want to know where I’m going with this.
    Rotem Azrad Malka, a graduate of the Communication Design Department at WIZO Haifa, was also intrigued by all the madness that involves being a bride and so she began her journey by exploring traditions around the world and chose to focus on brides who had their fair share of suffering, stress and intensity. At the end of it, Rotem came up with a series of illustrated brides. The thing is that she didn’t stop there, each and every illustration ended up being dotted dot by dot (and by saying that I mean literary being perforated) with a crazy amount of super delicate and super demanding work. Yep, just like dealing with weddings – a lot of hard work and crazy stuff that you don’t always realize before you start. I just thank god that my wedding day was calm and un-stressful in any shape size or form.

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Student Break | Ruchoma Rubin | Emotional Games | August 6.13

  • Bobby. That’s the name Ruchoma Rubin decided to call her super lovable ceramic creature.
    Ruchoma, a 2013 graduate out of the Ceramic Design Department at the Bezalel Academy, developed a seemingly amorphous forms while attempting (and succeeding!) to create variations, that will allow the viewer to partake in this unspoken game of association. a game that involves pouring out your emotions, but at the same time make you want to play (and goof around) with these super aesthetic creatures and their splash of neon silicon bands.
    I’m not sure where your head’s at, but I want to grab each and every one of these cuties and start playing!
    You can get in touch with Ruchoma at: ruchoma {at} gmail {dot} com

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AltSF. Yep, I Was There… | August 5.13

  • This post was supposed to be a My San Francisco Break kind of post but instead I really wanted to share with you a little bit of my AltSF journey. If you are a blogger, Alt Summit is a big deal. I still remember how intrigued I was, sitting at my desk, back home in Israel and reading all that was written about this Superbowl of bloggers, year after year. And then… while still in my hotel room, just a few days after arriving to the States in January, an email sharing the big news that Alt will be coming to San Francisco, landed in my inbox. I couldn’t believe my eyes and a minute later, I began writing to all my blogger friends back home, how happy and lucky I feel… At the same time I knew I had to snag a ticket and also knew it won’t be an easy thing to do. Anyways, to make a along story short, On July 17th, the day has arrived and I found myself surrounded by many inspiring and talented bloggers, that I had no idea existed and yes, I made some friends along the way! But i’ll get back to that later on.
    I heard some pretty amazing stories about how to grow and maintain your blog. How to reach out to fellow bloggers and brands. I heard from Mr. I HEART LUXE himself that it’s ok to be afraid but just for a minute. After allowing yourself to fear for a while, you should brush it off your shoulders and begin conquering that fear! I’m not sure why but his words meant so much. And speaking of being afraid, I came to Alt all by myself with out knowing anyone and came out of it with some pretty amazing friends and I hope will be right by my side for many years to come. I had to mention a few of them so here it goes: Tiffany, Rachel, Rachelle, Lidy, Megan, Courtenay, Yuliya, and Meredith.
    And then… there was the “Alice in Pinterland Party” at the Pinterst HQ. To tell you that I was excited is an understatement. I was ecstatic. After arriving and exploring for a while I met this supper sweet girl, her name is Annie and yep, she works at Pinterst but also has her own foodie blog and I fell for her right then and there.
    Everyone always tells me that I should master the mingling and networking thing, but for me it’s not just networking. I love getting to know the people behind the blogs and the person behind the business cards. It’s a lot more important than just mingling. Don’t you think?
    Oh wow, DesignBreak is a design blog and for some reason I found myself carried away with this post. I hope you won’t mind.
  • {Photos by me}

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Shopping Break | Pop of Color | August 2.13 | Handpicked by me.

  • I’m having hard time deciding which color to go with for my new office space.
    There are moments that all I can think of is white on white on white there are times in which I have an urge to bring my on going obsession with yellow to the next level and then… I calm down and think to myself that I better go with black, which is my all times favorite color. You see, it’s super stressful deciding what way to go and I know what you are probably thinking to yourself, MIX IT UP! And you are probably right.
    I guess I should be thanking Poppin for making things a little bit easier for me. I love the fact that you can choose your path by choosing your favorite color (hi there, rainbow navigation bar!) Oh well, it’s time to go back to their site and make up my mind.
    Just one more thing, Poppin, you can consider this post as a love letter to your oh-so-colorful yet minimal kingdom.

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IllustratedBreak. August 2013 | By Shlomit Sauer | August 1.13

  • When I first stumbled upon Shlomit Sauer’s illustrated world, i knew I had to ask her to be part of my IllustratedBreak party. And… luckily for me, she agreed!
    Don’t you just love her bears?! I’m super smitten with them being my August 2013 IllustratedBreak.
    In case you are asking yourself what’s up with bears and design breaks, Shlomit has an answer for you. “As the cruel summer heat arrives, I find my escape in drawing Polar Bears – magical, “cool” creatures that fill my soul with inspiration, and even a little bit of chill… But the climate around me is just too much to ignore, so I color the bears with warm colors.”
    Each month a new Desktop wallpaper will be up for grabs for you to download and jazz up your computer.
    Click to download:
    iPhone. iPad. 1024×768. 1280×1024. 1680×1050. 1900×1200. 2560×1440.

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World Break | Drywell | Bottoms Up! | July 31.13

  • This past weekend I visited The Renegade Craft Fair. Needless to say it was my first time and I was blown away by the mad talent. I think I spent there quite a few hours, and honestly I felt like a kid in a candy store.
    One of those who really left a mark on me was Alyson Thomas and her Drywell.
    I’m not much of a drinker, but as a well known foodie, I can appreciate a good foodie illustration or in that case a brilliant drink illustration! For once I can fully understand what goes inside all these fancy drinks, that most of them I never tried nor ever will (or should I say: never say never?). These happy watercolor illustrations are hands down one of my favorite illustrations these days and something tells me that Alyson doesn’t have a sensitive stomach (you should take a look at her meat illustrations).
    BTW, I love the fact that in her blog Alyson shares with us the behind the scenes process.
    All is left to do is grab a drink and enjoy. Cheers, my sweet breakers!
    {This is an American Break}

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