Student Break | Elina Gleizer | The Bionic Woman | September 12.13

  • I have a feeling that Elina Gleizer had the bionic woman in mind while designing her Alter Self graduate collection. Elina says that she was inspired by human anatomy. And to be exact, the human body and it’s curves. Each and every accessory fits perfectly and compliments a different body part and a different joint. You can even refer to it as the modern ergonomic accessory. Elina chose wood as her main material and she managed to put it center stage with it’s massive presence. I love the fact that she also added the right amount of silver in order to wrap it all under a refined and elegant look.
    Elina is a 2013 graduate of the Jewelry Design Department at the Shenkar College.
  • {Photos by Marina Moshkovich Chris}

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World Break | Alpha Cruxis | Still Bags | September 11.13

  • Usually I try to post only original content. For the times in which I feel the urge to share my daily findings I use the DesignBreak Facebook Page and Pinterest Boards. However, this time I was forced to bend my own rules. I know there is nothing wrong in doing so from time to time and so this time I just had to share with you these oh-so-beautiful creations of Alpha Cruxis by Rebecca Martin. I only say creations and not bags, because the way Rebecca chose to style her own LookBook is so smart and treats those bags as art and not just bags. Don’t get me wrong, the bags are beautiful but the styling is what gives it extra zest.
    For the record, I first spotted all this beauty on my favorite Aussie blog The Design Files and if there is the slightest chance that you are not familiar with it, now is the right time to dig in and become addicted, just like me.
    {This is an Australian Break}
  • {Photos by Monika Holzner}

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Baladi Studio | Raw Beauty | September 10.13

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Anat Negev | Swirling and Swirling | September 9.13

  • Anat Negev is living my dream. After spending years as an industrial designer she decided to go back to school. And so she enrolled for yet another BA degree but this time around she took a ceramic path and I might be a tiny bit jealous. Anyways, as we speak there is a super exciting event going on at the Eretz Israel Museum. I’m talking about The 7th Biennale of Israeli Ceramics and this time it’s title is “Imprinting on Clay – Cultural Memory in Israeli Ceramic Art”. I’ll be showing you a lot more of my faves from this exhibition but first, let’s go back to Anat and her Nabataean 3D printed ware. As you probably guessed, it’s not a ceramic creation but still… It sure serves as one!
    “This work is based on a Nabataean leaf pattern that was the main motive in ancient Nabataean pottery. I created this set as a tribute to my father, Avraham Negev, who was a world renowned archaeologist and the founder of the research of the Nabataean trade routes and culture.”
    Anat created 3D compositions made up of different arrangements of the decorative motif and then… the body of the item was gone and what was left was the decoration itself.
    When I first saw this swirling beauty, I was mesmerized for quite some time and even now, I can stare at it forever.
    It’s so captivating. Don’t you think?
  • {Photos by Leonid Padrul}

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Student Break | Tom Bendkovsky | Barking Furniture But In a Cute Way | September 6.13

  • Have you ever owned a dog? Or maybe you have one now?
    I’m one of those who never had a pet in their lives. To be honest, to this day, I’m a bit scared of dogs. So let’s all treat this dog friendly post as a therapy post. OK?
    Hosting Hounds is Tom Bendkovsky’s graduation project out of the Industrial Design Department at H.I.T and as you probably guessed, it’s inspired by dogs. Elbi and Silvi, Carl and Kashi are the entire barking gang.
    In his own adorable way, Tom started his process by playing the personification game and along the way, he kept in mind the most important things like a little bit of humor, warmth and simplicity.
    I must admit that I’m super in love with the colors that Tom chose for the cushions and I even won’t mind treating his sketches as a piece of art on their own.
  • {Photos by Adva Shalhevet}

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Shopping Break | Lee Coren’s Light Weight Perfection | September 5.13 | Handpicked by me.

  • About a year ago I shared with you the creations of graphic and textile designer Lee Coren. Since then, Lee kept doing her thing and continued to create the most beautiful scarves and bags. So… this morning when I checked my feed and felt a breeze of light scarves and photographic clutches, I knew I had to share it with you. And yep, we are still talking about Lee. Some of my favorite scarves are up for grabs and you too can snag your very own textile perfection. There is only one problem, there are too many must have scarves that I want or better say need in my life. If I need to narrow it down, I probably should say my top runners are: the Stripes Silk, the Yellow + Blue Block Cotton, the Eclectic Silk, the Dusk Jade Block Cotton and the Pink Jade Block Cotton. What do you think? Which one do you like best? And yes, I know it’s almost impossible to pick.
  • {Photos by Aya Wind}

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IllustratedBreak. September 2013 | By Margarida Girão | September 3.13

  • Margarida Girão is one hell of an artist and over the last year I was lucky enough to call myself her friend. AND SO… it was only a matter of time until I got her to create her own version for my IllustratedBreak. As you can see, Margarida has her own way of doing things, and so when you see a super colorful-brilliant-wicked-awesome collage, she probably has everything to do with it!
    “As a Collage Illustrator, for the first time, I didn’t use any images from magazines or newspapers to compose this illustration that I named: “Inner Saint”. During my seven months of solo-travel through South-America I managed to pick up materials and take photos, all of which I brought back with me to Portugal.
    These collages are the result of a ‘journey-travel-collection’ and they are very much a representation of my very own break, my travel break”.
    I hope you are as excited as I am about September 2013 IllustratedBreak.
    Each month a new Desktop wallpaper will be up for grabs for you to download and jazz up your computer.
    Click to download:
    iPhone. iPad. 1024×768. 1280×1024. 1680×1050. 1900×1200. 2560×1440.

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Today, Eight Years Ago… | September 2.13

  • Technically the Mister and I have been married for eight years. Today! But to be honest, it feels like we are together since forever and I mean it in the most loving way. We met in 1996 and ever since we’ve been together. So if I’m doing some quick math, we’ve been together for 17 years (!!!) and that is one big number.
    We’ve been through so much together and for the last 8 months, since we moved to San Francisco, it’s been just the two of us. And I love it. So very much!
    I always wanted to have my sweet loving guy just for myself and now I have just that and it’s the most amazing feeling. Spending my days with my best friend and better half is not something that I can describe in words. It’s only something that you can feel and I’ve been feeling it for the past 17 years and counting.
    It’s a bit of a mushy touchy post but I don’t really care.
    All that is left to say is… I can’t wait for many more years with my love!
    {Photos by me}

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