My San Francisco Break | Special Moments and Nutella Cookies | October 7.13

  • Living in San Francisco still feels like a dream and even when I have a bad day, all I have to do is go outside, walk for ten minutes and then everything looks and feels better. After all, nothing can bet the big wide blue. These past weeks weren’t the easiest I’ve had with my wisdom teeth surgery and feeling sorry for myself BUT… other then that, life is good and I’ll tell you why.
  • I discovered a few coffee gems in the past few weeks and you know me, coffee is such an important piece of my everyday routine. One of these spots was The Plant, Organic Cafe. It’s located at Pier 3 and the view, oh the view of the ocean… plus, they make the most beautiful and tasty coffee.
  • And then, there was the most exciting reunion of the century. After being an online friend of Igor, the energetic face behind the Happy Interior Blog I finally had the absolute pleasure to meet him in person and introduce him to some of my all time favorite SF spots. It was one of those moments, when you meet someone for the first time but feels like you’ve been friends since forever. On the same breath I have to mention that I also fell in love with Philippe along the way. While with these two, I entered chocolate heaven that goes by the name Dandelion Chocolate. It was my first time there, although I passed their door many many times before. The minute we entered the door, a breeze of chocolate filled our bodies and let me tell you, it’s one special feeling. If chocolate is your passion or obsession (like mine and Philippe’s) that is the place for you. AND… don’t forget to order the nutella cookie. It’s a must but then again all their sweets are a must.
    With all the excitement, I almost forgot sharing with you, two pretty special events that I attended. The first was the first birthday of MakeShift Society. MakeShift is a special co-working clubhouse that serves as my second home while blogging. It’s also where I’m lucky enough to get to know some of the city’s most creative and friendly people. The other event was the launch of the new Luvocracy App. Have you heard of Luvocracy before? It feels like Pinterest but with Luvocracy, you can actually buy what ever you see or pin (a bit dangerous, I know!). You can follow my Luv Page and witness my wishlists (they are growing by the hour.)
  • What else… I went with my sweet mister to a mustard workshop. Yep, there is such a thing. It was super fun afternoon but I’ll tell and show you some deets?? in a whole different post. It has nothing to do with mustard but I also discovered Paxton Gate‘s plant garden and I have a feeling that I’ll keep coming back for more green moments. Last but definitely not least, I danced my way to the Maroon5 concert and had a blast. I guess that’s why I don’t have any decent picture to share from that evening.
    Anyways, I hope you like my “all over the place” San Francisco Break and I promise to try my best be less hectic in the next episode.
    {Photos by me}

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Student Break | Liat Brandel Gilon | Reality Check! | October 3.13

  • When I first bumped into Liat Brandel Gilon‘s graduate collection all I could think of was: I love paper, I love this collection and if my favorite stationary designer and my favorite fashion designer would collaborate this is exactly what would be their love child. And boy, I was wrong.
    Fake Reality, Liat’s graduate collection out of the Fashion Design Department at the Shenkar College is inspired by the digital revolution and the tension between our virtual persona verses our actual one. The First is represented by 2 dimensions while the last is represented by 3 dimensions.
    Optical illusions, pixelization, laser-cuts, pop-ups, hidden folds and patterns on one hand and vivid colors on a white surface on the other.
    OK so, I wasn’t completely wrong. Was I? BUT, how amazing are Liat’s illustrations?

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Meirav Barzilay | Minimal Touch | October 2.13

  • It feels like forever since I last wrote about Meirav Barzilay and it’s time to fix that!
    In her latest Dübel Collection, Meirav “celebrates forgotten simplicity and highlights the often overlooked wall plug. The wooden wall plug becomes the center of focus and lays out the guidelines for the design and aesthetic of the whole collection.”
    You know me, give me a minimal piece and I’m on cloud nine!
    BTW, isn’t her logo the cutest logo you have ever seen?! I’m beyond in love.

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IllustratedBreak. October 2013 | By Hamutal Elad | October 1.13

  • In her everyday life Hamutal Elad is super consumed by her art work and her shop. When I asked her to illustrate her very own Design Break, I forced her to take a few hours off beat, to sit down and not think about all the stressful and practical thoughts. She could illustrate just for herself sort of speak. And I? I’m super happy that I could be part of it.
    In Hamutal’s October 2013 IllustratedBreak you can defiantly sense the dreamy mood she was in while illustrating. All is left to say is, let’s all take some down time and just dream.
    Happy October, my dreamy breakers!
    Each month a new Desktop wallpaper will be up for grabs for you to download and jazz up your computer.
    Click to download:
    iPhone. iPad. 1024×768. 1280×1024. 1680×1050. 1900×1200. 2560×1440.

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Hook n’ Loop | White and Gold | September 30.13

  • Don’t worry, I’m not one of those who talks about Christmas in September. In fact, I don’t even celebrate Christmas. BUT… When Elisheva Manekin, the one behind Hook n’ Loop, wrote me and shared with me this geometric ornament, I couldn’t look away. In fact, I want it and I want it now. And no, not as an ornament to put on the tree that I won’t have but rather as a pendent that I can wear as a necklace. What can I say… I’m so in love with this ceramic shape and it’s golden touch that I just have to have it. BTW, isn’t this picture just perfect?!
    In case you are wondering, Elisheva makes lots of other home beauties. And yes, I especially love these black and white ceramic candle holders. I guess I could write a whole post just about them.

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My Las Vegas Break | September 27.13

  • I guess a lot can happen in a week… It’s been a week since I came back from Las Vegas and since then I managed to be sick after being forced to pull out my wisdom teeth. And that’s also why I’ve been super quiet this past week. Anyways, I hope to be up and running in no time but enough about that… Let’s talk about Vegas!
    Since arriving to San Francisco and realizing that sunny days are a luxury and not my everyday reality, I thought to myself that going to the desert and enjoying my days as close as I can to the pool is a smart idea and so we did. During the days we enjoyed the sun, but of course we had to eat along the way and so we did…
  • A while back I followed Leah’s freutcake’s instagram while she visited Vegas and took some vital notes. That’s how I discovered the Bouchon Bistro and it’s most amazing Pecan Sticky Bun (!!!) and I have to confess that while looking at the menu I wanted to eat it all. Seriously! It’s the perfect spot for breakfast and don’t think that bun is all I ate. And then… there was Mario Batali‘s Otto and it’s yummiest Italian pizza but wait… even before that, we had to taste some of his special appetizers. Again, Leah thanks for the spot on recommendation. OK, just one more spot. Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR.
    You have to try it for yourself. It’s THAT GOOD!
  • Of course we cruised the strip with it’s neon lights that I couldn’t resist to photograph even though it’s a bit of a cliché. Oh and… we even enjoyed Cirque du Soleil‘s LOVE. It was one special show that I wanted to watch for a long time and it was so much fun. I danced in my chair the entire show and didn’t ever realize that I know so many Beatles songs. I guess, “All You Need Is Love” will be the right song to end this post!
    Happy and loving weekend, my sweet breakers.
    {Photos by me}

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It’s Time for a Baba Souk Giveaway! | September 23.13

  • As I mentioned last week, I’m super excited to share with you that sweet Stephanie, the gal behind the colorful Baba Souk shop, is offering one of The Baba Shopper (!!!) to one of my DB readers.
    It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with this bag (I only twitted and Pinned it million times already), which is BTW a collaboration between Baba Souk and surface goddess, Kendra Dandy.
    To enter this super fun giveaway all you have to do is:
    Subscribe to Baba Souk Newsletter and then comment below letting me know what your favorite summer fruit is.
    For additional entries: like DesignBreak and Baba Souk facebook pages (and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment letting me know). Contest will be close on Monday, September 30 and the winner will be posted here.
    Good luck you guys and here’s for everlasting summer days!
    UPDATE: Congrats to Angela Ethier for being the winner.

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