Student Break | Daniel Winebush | The Eye of The Tiger | November 25.13

  • What does one normally do when he wants to explore the limitations of vision under extreme conditions? He, as in Daniel Winebush, creates his very own “The world according to…” graduate project. In this project, which was driven by Daniel’s myopia, he decided to examine how limitations such as order, direction of reading, and range affect the way we see our environment. Daniel studied the vision of four electronic devices – a fax machine, an elevator, a CD reader and a barcode reader. And just like our very own eyes, these machines also posses electronic eyes. After Daniel studied the function of these electronic eyes he came up with a series of iconic illustrations and turned them into beautiful graphics based on the eye of the tiger (scratch that) the machine. I might add that I’m super fond of the elevator’s eye!
    BTW, Daniel is a 2013 graduate of the Communication Design Department at the Shenkar College.

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Shani Lax | Let’s Talk About Shoes | November 22.13

  • It’s no secret that I’m a shoe horder. Well… maybe hoarder is a strong word but yeah, I LOVE SHOES!
    Shani Lax, one of my favorite discoveries from the beginning of this year, is back with a new mini collection and She didn’t disappoint.
    In her latest collection, Shani played with the geometric flavor and ornamental motives of the Art Deco but managed, with her own minimalist aesthetics, to transform her inspiration into a slick and minimal creation.
    On a personal note, I’m so looking forward to this coming April. I just booked my flight ticket back home to Israel and I can’t wait to meet some of Shani’s pretty shoes in person!
    You can get in touch with Shani at: shanilax {at} gmail {dot} com
  • {Photos by Michael Topyol}

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Shira Keret | I’m Thinking Tree Barks… | November 21.13

    • Monolith is the latest creation of Industrial designer, Shira Keret.
      I’m not really sure what it is but since I moved to San Francisco, I’m not intimidated by nature. And trust me when I say that for a very long time I didn’t want to be around it. Anyways, the minute I stumbled upon Shira’s Monolith all I could think of was how beautiful these tree barks look alikes are. Crazy! I know.
      But that’s not exactly what went on inside Shira’s head while designing. She was referring to water erosion and the fact that it’s a process that happens in nature and can take thousands of years for the water to carve its way through rock. Only that when doing it the industrial way, “water jet cutting the stream will carve it’s way to the bottom, not necessarily in a straight line. This way, it takes a matter of seconds to mimic the natural process.”
      The whole thing is unpredictable, organic and one of a kind, which makes it all super exciting!

{Photos by Hagar Cygler}

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Inbal Hoffman | Evolution, The Seed Version. | November 20.13

  • I’ve been a big fan of Inbal Hoffman for a while now. This girl is one of those who can do it all. From illustrating, to designing to creating thoughtful art.
    A while back I wrote about Inbal and her Print Party but this time I’m super excited to share with you a few images from her solo exhibition (which just ended in Tel Aviv). In her SeedBed, Inbal deals with the act of sprouting and while doing so, she arouses questions about the beginning of a creation and the transformation of one from the time of its birth till the time of it’s withering.
    I didn’t have a chance to watch the videos showing this intriguing process which was documented from beginning to end but I was blown away by Inbal’s ability to capture a sense of vulnerability and loneliness in her moving sculptures.
    I told you, this girl has many faces and I can’t to see what the future will hold.

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My San Francisco Break | Weekend in Carmel and Big Sur | November 15.13

  • Two weeks ago we decided to head back to one of our favorite location aka Carmel for the weekend.
    It’s only two and a half hours from home but it feels like a different world.
    I have a feeling that you’ll hear about this magical place from time to time (I won’t be able to resist myself). As you know me, give me blue skies and a blue ocean and I’m the happiest girl alive.
  • we managed to arrive at Carmel for the sunset and so we headed straight to the beach. It really felt like a dream…I’n not sure I’ve ever seen so many colors during one sunset. From Yellow to Orange to purple and lots of other shades in between. It was breathtaking!
    After spending some time at the beach we went to La Bicyclette, for a pretty special dinner. We ate lots of cheese, drank some wine and of course there was pizza action as well.
  • On the next day we decided to explore Big Sur. I heard so much about the magical views of highway 101 and just had to see it for myself so we did. We drove all the way from Carmel to Big Sur and the minute we saw the big sign “Welcome to Big Sur” (at least I think I saw it) we looked for the Big Sur Bakery. While there, we ate the most outrageous breakfast and it’s called the breakfast pizza . CRAZY! Oh, I also drank one of the best cup of teas in my life. It was the cinnamon spice tea. I need to go back and have another cup!
    From there we headed up to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and trust me when I tell you it felt like the most magical place on earth. The shades of blue took my breath away and I kept staring at the ocean for a long time. Seriously, it felt like a different world and made all the difference from a nice weekend to a dreamy one. I have a feeling that there is so much more to see in Big Sur so I’m definitely going back. Sooner than you think.
  • Hope you enjoyed my oceanic break… and until next week I wish you a relaxing weekend, my lovely breakers!
  • {Photos by me}

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World Break | Jen Kindell | Printy Fruity | November 14.13

  • In another lifetime I wish I would have been a Jen Kindell. Jen is one of those artists who seems to take a white piece of paper and minutes later create the most vibrant and colorful print. Yep, just like that. I know it’s not the way it really works but it sure feels like it. A while back I met Jen for a brief moment and while talking with her about her art, my imagination ran wild and that’s how I envisioned her.
    Now seriously, Jen silk screens seasonal posters of fruit and vegetables that are grown in California. As you can see, each and every print is full of life and trust me when I say that you really have to see these prints in person. The texture and colors are so very special.
    You should follow her Nourishment Pinterest board and guess who will be her next fruity victim. You can also read an interview with her at the We Design Studios Blog.
    Jen is one of the artists that will show their artistic side at the West Coast Craft and I can’t wait to discover another Californian veggie that I didn’t know existed.
    {This is an American Break}

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Shopping Break | White Heaven in A Pot | November 13.13 | Handpicked by me.

  • There is something quite calming about ceramics, that is the only explanation to my irrational madness…
    There are moments, when I’m sure there is not enough room in my home, for all those perfect white ceramic vessels in the world. And then… there are moments when I can’t stop dreaming (and of course immediately after buying) any white perfection that comes my way. I only share with you this very important info because that’s exactly what happened with Haley Ann Robinson’s plant holder. And may I remind you that I don’t even do plants?! That’s how much I’m mad about this goodness.

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