Tamara Efrat | Coding, The Embroidered Way | January 11.16

  • Instagram is a wonderful thing, especially when you live abroad and need your daily fix of Israeli inspiration. That’s where I stumbled upon Tamara Efrat’s mesmerizing Crafted Technology. Crafted Technology is a collaborated research project between Tamara, a M.Des graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy and Moran Mizrahi and Dr. Amit Zoran of the School of Computer Science at the Hebrew University.
    Let’s set the record straight, computer science is beyond me, but when Tamara talks about it, I kinda feel like there is still hope for me. She makes it sound like something that can be tangible, as crazy it sounds. Then again, maybe the only tangible things I’m referring to are these crazy beautiful, under the sea, kind of bags.
    “The project investigates cooperation between craftsmen and technology experts, and is focused on possibilities of contemporary interpretation and use of traditional smocking embroidery, through parametric tools… as an example of a repetitive handcraft dedicated to the creation of structures and designs, which is compatible with digitization. Through contemporary technology and parametric planning, the project attempts to revive and enhance the original characteristics of embroidery and turn it into a practical three-dimensional object of diverse textures and configurations.”
    You can watch how the magic unfolds right here BUT WAIT, that’s not all!
    “Crafted Technology is a collection of a new line of bags, where each and every item has its own unique look and appearance, reflecting the group of parameters making up its genetic code. Personal customization of the bags is performed by the technology itself, which enables a unique design for each object… The parametric principle dictates emphasis on a certain physical or performance characteristic, such as elasticity, plasticity, rigidity, softness or axiality, enabling the designer to enhance it at the expense of other characteristics.”
    Sounds like a piece of cake, right?!

{Photos by Daniel Shechter}

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Say Hello To DesignBreak’s Etsy Page! | December 11.15

  • Everywhere I turn I end up staring at super pretty and tempting gift guides for the holidays. The problem is that I don’t really celebrate any of these holidays. I might wish I did (oh hi there, my dream Christmas tree!) but being Jewish means don’t. With that being said, I’m not about to write a fancy gift guide (although, I have a pretty big wish list, for any given celebration), BUT for all you lucky peeps who do celebrate christmas, I thought that it’s time to introduce you to DesignBreak’s very own Etsy Page. On my Etsy Page, you can find some of my favorite Israeli designers and their shops. There is so much mad talent back home in Israel. In fact that’s why I actually started my DesignBreak journey. From shoes to ceramics to textile, to accessories to stationary. You can find it all. My Etsy Page is still a work in progress but I’d love to highlight some of my absolute fave designers. So here goes:
  • Shoes and especially young Israeli shoe designers, make my life super easy, when it come to show stoppers and ice breakers. If you too need to rely on an accessory, let me unfold my secret weapon aka my shoe fairies: Norman and Bella and her modern take on classy. ARAMA and his color candy kingdom. Olive Thomas and her I-need-it-all shoes. Tamar Shalem and her pointed beauties (at the moment I’m dreaming of these cauliflower beauties). The embroidery goddess, Miss Katz and Birds (have you seen these foxy oxfords?!). Imelda Shoes and her sparkly touch. And finally, Liebling and his structured shoes.
  • Next are my absolute fave textile rockstars. I’ve wrote about them all once or twice before but that won’t stop me. Say hello to the gang of fabric whisperers: Mika Barr and her folded patterns. Michal and Roni, the Swift Textiles girls and their impeccable sense of style. Lee Coren and her bluer than blue scarves. She is not selling them on her shop at the moment, but THIS SCARF! (I’m going to put it here just in case). Shirly Rov and her super cool pillows. I’m into these three in particular. And finally, Dikla Levsky and her out of this world hand screen printed abilities. This girl is the real deal, when it come to mind blowing patterns!
  • Now let’s move on to my first love, aka the land of Accessories and especially jewelry (and bags). For the record, I’m not talking about the sparkly ones. When it comes to a worth while piece of jewelry I’m referring to a bigger than life and brilliant materials kind of beauty. And bags… well, you know me, I can’t have too many, plus, the bigger the better. So here we go again: Galit and Lior, the CONTOUR ladies and their must-have-more-than-ten-fingers geometric goodies. Adi Lev and her lined badass creations. Meirav Ohayon that designs not only rad pieces of jewelry but also one of a kind dipped in ink bags. Talia Sari and her mapped pieces but also that brilliant Lego heart.yes, heart of Lego aka Levo. Michal Taharlev and her I-wish-I-could-afford-them-all jewelry and especially this one! Miss Gittit Szwarc and her Knobbly gang of coolness. Hadas Shaham and her Industrial concrete jewelry that you just can’t leave behind (I already have these and these earrings). Lee Coren and her and her “I traveled the world and then came up with the most beautiful prints” bags. And let’s not forget Tesler + Mendelovitch‘s constructed wooden clutches.
  • NOW, let’s talk about ceramics. We have a lot of it in Israel but there are only handful of designers that really talk my language, minimalism. I’m mostly talking about Yaara Landau-Katz and her ONE and MANY less-is-always-more creations. Dima Gurevich and his grumpy SCULPTURE in DESIGN beauties. Yulia Tsukerman and her art-that-can-defiantly-function objects. Lior Shachar and her 1220 Ceramics Studio I-wish-I-had-a-huge-kitchen serving goodness.
    Oh my, that was a long one. I hope you survived it. Before I leave you with your last minute shopping spree, I need to refresh your memory about my black-on-white doodle friend, Avital Pudinsky and her PUDISH‘s I-wish-I-had-room-for-all-her-drop-dead-gorgeous notebooks.
    Anyways, now I done. for real. Ready. Set. Etsy!

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Shenn Brush | A Toothbrush For The Minimalist In You | November 20.15

  • You know that black and white is my all time go to combo. I can never go wrong with that. With that being said, I have a feeling that Tal and Ester Mor Sinay thought of me, when they came up with their design for the Shenn Brush. Not really but people like me (and them) for sure. Basically the Shenn Brush is my dream toothbrush. Black or white, minimalistic and good looking. Some (okay, I.) might even say sexy! AND YEAH, there is a kickstarter campaign going on at the moment. In case you are wondering, I’m planing on backing a brush or two…
    “The process started after we moved to a new house and started redecorating it. When we reached the bathroom we understood we were looking for something different. We were standing at the store in front of the toothbrushes stand and they all looked the same to me, a combination of many colors and materials. We couldn’t find a single brush with a descent and calm design. That was the moment we started playing with the idea of designing a toothbrush. We realized that we were putting so much effort, energy and love in our house’s interior but our toothbrushes didn’t fit their new environment.”
    If you are anything like those people, who know better, you should have your very own Shenn Brush.
    Before I leave you and head to buy my black brushes, here are some fun facts: you should brush your teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes every time.
    Store the brush in an upright position and allow the toothbrush to air-dry (just like the Shenn Brush!). If more than one brush is stored in the same holder or area, keep the brushes separated to prevent cross-contamination (yep, you guessed it. Just like the Shenn Brush does).

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The mini’s Birthday | Take One | November 11.15

  • November 11th. That’s the day our lives changed forever.
    A lot has happened since my pregnancy days to the moment I held my tiny Leo in my arms for the first time (I still haven’t found the courage to go through the camera’s film from those hospital days.)
    To be honest, the blog was the one that suffered the most. Things around here weren’t the same and although it hurts to admit it, I have come to realize that sometimes somethings got to give. I might not like the fact that I couldn’t do it all BUT I became a… Well, I still can’t or won’t call myself the m word, it’s too intense.
    Life in three is a lot of things: sleepless, adventurous (especially that nightly drive to the ER or that 16 hours flight to Israel), sometimes scary, always new, messy, surprising, weird, but mostly mind blowing. This tiny creature with his big brown eyes and never ending smile is ours. Just our, especially when our families are miles away.
    Oh and did I mention that it’s time to start thinking about how to deal with the fact that I don’t cook (it’s not in me)? The poor guy doesn’t even know that we are counting on him to master the kitchen. That’s the only way for him to actually eat a homey meal that tastes good.
    But before getting ahead of myself, I mostly wonder how did we get here. It’s beyond crazy and yeah, even borderline Syfy. The mini survived a full year and by the looks of it, he is having fun. All I hope for the next year is that we will continue to collect memories, adventures and maybe a few hugs here and there (when is that first hug coming?!). I also hope that you’ll see me more around here, because I like it and it makes me feel good.
    Okay, now it’s time to blow the giant confetti balloon that we bought, and start our birthday adventure in the city. Hopefully the mini likes carousels, green leaves, naked cakes, cheese plates and confetti among other things. Yep, today is going to be a good day!
  • {Photos by me}

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Studio Cheha | Nir Chehanowski | A Syfy Kind Of Lamp | October 6.15

  • Unless you’ve been living under a not-so-designed rock, for the last year or so, you know all about Nir Chehanowski, Studio Cheha and the BULBING lamps.
    Back in 2014 Nir decided, that it was time to kick some butt and so, he turned to kickstarter in order to make his dream of a 3D look alike lamp kingdom, into a reality. Little did he know, that the backers were beyond ready for him! In fact, the outcome was beyond his wildest dreams. But wait, let’s talk about DESKi, ZIGGi and CLASSi, the new 3D optical illusion kids, on the illuminated block. These three new desk lamps, have also been funded within 3 days. You read it right, 3 DAYS (!!!) But you still have some time to back on your favorite lamp.
    I’m beyond excited and my Israeli pride is over the moon, so of course I had to share with you all, this brilliant campaign. And yeah, it’s nothing but genius.
    “We’re all about innovation! Our new lamps are inspired by classic and vintage-style desk lamps with a modern twist. By deconstructing their wire-frame forms and setting it against a flat, clear surface, we continue to develop our original ideas for cool and functional design pieces—that produce the illusion they are 3D, once switched on!”
    All I can say us, desk lamps never looked so Syfy before!

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PUDISH | Avital Pudinsky | Ready. Set. Doodle | October 1.15

  • Have you ever fell in love with a notebook? It must sound strange or even disturbing in a way but… of course it has happened to me before. In fact, it happens to me, whenever I visit Avital Pudinsky’s black and white kingdom. PUDISH, is the land of beautifully hand drawn patterns, which found themselves on notebooks, envelopes and wrapping papers. I’m pretty sure that we all had our 0.4 Pilot period, in which we doodled away out of boredom. The thing is, Avital wasn’t one of us. You might think that she knew that she is a master doodler deep inside but no. She never considered herself as an illustrator of some sort. She was a graphic designer, who found her inner doodler, while working on a school project. Unlike some, who don’t really do much with their school projects, she realized that her OCD with white paper, black pen and endless mini objects running inside her head, are bound to become a sea of minimalistic stationary. It’s safe to say, that in that case, being an OCD person, pays off. Big time!
    It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things black and white (duh!) and I’m happy to say that In Avital, I found my long lost soulmate. We understand each other without a need to add any other colors. It works for us and it feels good. SO good.

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Meirav Ohayon | A Royal Ink-y Treatment | September 18.15

  • It’s been a while since I bumped into an accessory I loved, and a second later I found myself at my desk, writing about it. So, I guess you can categorize today, as a good day!
    Let’s start from the beginning. I first read about Meirav Ohayon on Time Out Tel Aviv. The fact that she has a lot of history (design wise), explains a lot about who she is as a designer and as an artist. From graduating design school in 1999 (majoring in jewelry and fashion), to designing stage and costume for modern dance and fringe theaters, to starting a brand for bags (I still remember it!) and then realizing, after five years, that she needs to take a break from the business, to moving to Paris and along the way, helping another designer, launch her own urban brand. I mean, this girl managed to accomplish a lot in her lifetime. BUT WAIT, this is not the end! All of this prepared her to her current adventure.
    Usually Meirav is inspired by the material itself. This time around, it’s a nude vegetable-tanned Italian leather, which is processed slowly with natural ingredients such as wood and vegetables. Along the lines, you can also spot a Patti Smith vibe, with her personality and art.
    “Because it isn’t treated with chemicals, the leather is absorbent. When the bag is yours, the leather will be affected by the way you wear it, and will age beautifully, enhancing its personality and complementing yours. Using wax thread, I created a hand-sewn line-sketch that no sewing machine could possibly replicate, effectively transforming each bag into a unique piece.” And since we are talking about a true artist at heart, there is even more!
    By using an indelible black ink, Meirav adds a unique, hand-painted drawing, to each bag. But remember, we are also talking about these crazy beautiful jewelry! Them too, get the royal ink-y treatment.
    Drawing freely on a nude canvas is an open road for endless possibilities and countless accessories. Seriously, I even had hard time deciding which ones to show you. They are all that stunning. Now, the only problem, that I need to resolve is, which one should land at my doorstep.

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And just like that, another Jewish Year, begins… | September 17.15

  • And just like that, another Jewish Year, begins…
    It feels like this past year has gone bye in a split of a second. I’m not even sure what I’ve been doing this past year, except for getting to know my tiny mini-me and start our new chapter as a family of three. Everything else, without me even thinking about it, moved to the back seat. I wasn’t planning on it. In fact I was sure that I have everything under control and that I can do it all. Turns out, I can’t! All I can say is that the last year was one for the books.
    A lot has happened but most importantly, I realized how much this blog, my very own design break and it’s community, means to me!
    And with that being said, here’s to a bright year filled with many designed moments, hidden gems and yummy treats. Yep, as always, I’m all about the food. You can blame my taste buds for finding my way to 20th Century Cafe and devoting this – out of this world apple tart. For the record: Us Jews celebrate the new year with eating apples dipped in honey. Oh well, for this year, that tart is ,more than enough.
    Happy Rosh Hashanah, my apple-licious breakers!
    {Photo by me}

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