Student Break | Michal Fierstein | The Language of The Dancing Threads | July 10.13

  • For the last two weeks I’ve been walking on clouds, since I received some pretty amazing graduation projects, straight out of the classes of 2013. I have a feeling that from next week you’ll be seeing a lot more Student Breaks
    Until then, let’s start with the first 2013 Graduate project of the year (drum roll!).
    This one comes to you from under the weaving hands of Michal Fierstein. Michal, who just graduated out of the Textile Design Department at the Shenkar College, is the one whom I’ve fallen for a while back…
    In her graduation project she researched the notion of dance as a language and the investigation of the spatial dimensions of movement by choreographer and textile artist Noa Eshkol.
    In her own minimal and sensitive way, Michal took this dance theory and transformed it into one of a kind set of wearable fabrics. And in case you are wondering, YES it took ages to come up with all of these. After all, Michal decided to take the long road and went ikat-ing. In other words, she dyed the threads in order to create a pattern before the weaving of the fabric even began. As I said, this girl is crazy good!
    You can get in touch with Michal at: fi.michal {at} googlemail {dot} com

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A Typographer in The Making | Take Fifteen | July 9.13

  • Today’s post feels like a super “lucky” one. I mean, Liron feels lucky for many reasons and I can’t blame her.
    She is such a typographic rock star and I know it’s only the beginning.
    In between being so fab and still having to work on all the last minute details of her typeface, she manages to squeeze in lots of museum visits and food market appearances.
    What can I say, I can’t be more in love with this super balanced human being as I am right now!
    {Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich}

Perfect weather, perfect sun. The grass in as green as green gets. The sky is blue as it should be. Squirrels running around in our backyard, and I’m not outside. I see all of those things through my window while working. And I’m wearing three layers inside the house and still freezing. How can it be that at the busiest time of the year the weather is so perfect?? Depressing.
Getting a private view of Memory Palace exhibition at the V&A, to see Oded Ezer‘s work. Me. Opening Night. Gold Dress. V&A. I feel so lucky! Visiting Greenwich, not before eating a delicious homemade polenta cake. Taking a boat ride down the Thames, and seeing some amazing industrial building while incredible wind is forgetting that its summer now. Greenwich feels like a town in Europe but not in the UK, which I can’t figure why. Hills and views of London, tiny boutique shops, wonderful market with everything-looks-so-good stalls. Luckily I’m vegetarian, naturally it limits my options.
Heading down to Brighton again for Ampersand conference and Type Design exhibition, which I was lucky to participate in. Conferences are always fun, especially when it’s about typography (and web). Meeting people that share this crazy passion with you, learning new things and actually even just for going to Brighton again. Something in the atmosphere there is different. The sea, the San Francisco atmosphere (really!), the Friday food market and the wonderful coffee places made me open my calendar and find another date to visit there.
Submission is a gradual process. At first, submitting only the font files. Last minute changes, adjustments of some characters and erasing all the dozens of previous layers that I have. Relief? Not yet. After eating a lovely pie, it’s time to continue working. Specimen design time, and for the first time in a while needing to be a Graphic and not Type Designer wanting to show so many features of the typeface, wanting to use all the colors that exist. Finishing the specimen. Relief? Not yet. Working on a paper that will reflect the design process of the typeface. Finally getting a chance to recap all the design decisions, the cultural bold weight saga and summarize this amazing project and year. Submitting. Relief? A bit. After enjoying a BBQ and 11 hours of sleep I feel ready to relax a bit before starting the dissertation. Can anyone remind me how to relax?
{Don’t miss Liron’s Reading Calling and A Typographer in The Making}

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Dana Bloom | Into The Deep |

  • Let’s start with a disclosure: Dana Bloom is one of my dearest friends and it all happened thanks to my DB journey.
    When I first heard about Dana, she was super involved with her glamorous and high end jewelries, which clearly I couldn’t and still can’t afford. And so, ever since I knew I could talk freely and share my thoughts with her, I urged her to start working on a much more affordable line, and one that will have a massive amount of yellow presence in it. AND… what do you know… Almost two years later the day has come and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you Dana’s Deep Water Rings (!!!)
    All this playful “under the water” vibe is a result of many hours in front of the computer, making hundreds of sketches and having long “3D print till you drop” days.
    Dana was kind enough to offer DesignBreak readers 15% off all her rings through August 31th.
    Simply enter DBUnderTheSea at checkout.


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My San Francisco Break | Discovering The Jems of The City | July 5.13

  • Trying to squeeze in lots of foodie discoveries during the weekend is not an easy thing to do.
    And so… here we go: at Tartine Bakery I ate the dreamiest chocolate banana tart and drank a moon latte.
    At The Ice Cream Bar I drank the “Too Good To Be True milkshake AND trust me, it was!
    BTW, on the way over there we stopped at Tantrum, which is the most nostalgic children’s store I ever been too (you have to visit!).
    Since visiting Brazil a long long time ago, I haven’t found a place that makes perfect Açaí, until I stumbled upon the Blue Hawaii Açaí Cafe.
    {Photos by Me}

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World Break | Cloudberry Factory | Blooming Sweater | July 4.13

  • Since July is here but I still can’t take all of my summerish cloths out of the closet, I thought it’s only appropriate to write about sweaters. And with that being said, Inga Marta, the one behind Cloudberry Factory, shared with me the most blooming sweaters alive.
    Again, I know it’s a bit crazy writing about sweaters in July but look on the bright side, you can always ditch the sweater itself and add these oh-so-beautiful blooming fabric flowers to any other t-shirt of yours. Brilliant. Right?
    oh, happy and bright 4th of July, to all of you American peeps!
    {This is a Latvian Break}

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Pulp | Playing With Tradition |

  • The day I write a post, a minute after I watch a damn good behind the scenes video, has arrived!
    Yep, the creative minds behind Pulp (hi there, Adam, Ziv and Tzachi) have done it again. Not only do they create the dreamiest stationary, they also nailed it with their branding.
    I mean, if it was up to me, I would buy each and every piece of paper that comes out of their hands!
    For their brand new collaboration, the guys turned to one of my favorite typographers Yanek Iontef. Yanek played with some traditional Letterpress typeface and came up with a line of beautiful typographic notebooks (!!!)

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Kozo Lamp | Robotic Lights Unite! | July 3.13

  • It’s time to check in with David and Anat Shefa and their Kozo Lamps!
    I first wrote about the Kozo family back in 2009. Yep, it’s been too long. Since then a lot has changed. Now you can find lots of Kozos in a brand new and shiny home. I don’t think that I need to say much about the design itself, the pictures talk for themselves and well… I’m sure you are picking your own favorite piped creature as we speak!
    FYI, you can read my interview with David from a while back. Oh and you should definitely check these videos, I always like to see how a product comes to life!

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IllustratedBreak. July 2013 | By Dror Bren | July 2.13

  • Dror Bren is not your average illustrator (he is an industrial designer turned into web UX designer) but still, he was kind enough to illustrate the July 2013 Illustrated Break. “Airtime… The Airtime en-route to a vacation is really a break within a break. We’re confined for a few hours to a large metal box, waiting for our vacation (break) to begin. I like to use this time to draw. This airplane window was done while I was on a flight to Amsterdam.”
    Each month a new Desktop wallpaper will be up for grabs for you to download and jazz up your computer.
    Click to download:
    iPhone. iPad. 1024×768. 1280×1024. 1680×1050. 1900×1200.

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