World Break | Goutte De Terre | Royal Ceramics | February 6.14

  • The minute I was introduced to the world of ceramic jewelry (thanks to Daniel Zelig, I couldn’t get enough of it!
    This morning when I stumbled upon Goutte De Terre‘s white and gold beauties, I couldn’t find the strength in me to wait yet another minute before telling you about it.
    Raphaël Schaltegger, is the guy behind all this royal goodness and I’m just lots for words to describe how obsessed I am with all his shapes and the way he decides to add the sprinkles of gold here and there, in just the perfect places.
    FYI, “Goutte De Terre” means “Drop of Earth” in French. Isn’t it the most perfect name Raphaël could have picked?
    {This is a French Break}
  • {This is a DesignBreak by Marianne Gassier}

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Omer Polak | A Flower Should Always Be Close To Your Heart | February 5.14

  • I have no idea how I managed to miss Omer Polak‘s 2013 graduation project, but from now on I’m going to watch him like a hawk! In his latest project Boutonnière, which is also a by product of his graduation research, Omer designed a lapel pin for a flower. The most brilliant part is that it contains water to keep the flower fresh all day long.
    Sometimes (well, all the times) the simplest and most minimalistic things in life are the ones that excites me the most.
    BTW, Omer will be speaking about his designed journey at the next TEDxLausanne talk. How cool is that?

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It’s Been Oh So Quiet Around Here | February 4.14

  • The last two weeks feel like a blur…
    I guess that moving to a new apartment is not stress free as I imagined it would be.
    I thought that after moving to the other side of the world, this move will be a piece of cake. Come to think of it, it wasn’t that bad, except for the fact that I found myself without an internet connection (I’m addicted, I know!), no working laptop (and therefore no public Wi-Fi for me, thank you very much!) and with a brand new iMac.
    Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and let you know that tomorrow will be a brand new day and I’ll be back with lots of new and pretty special design creations that I’ve been dying to share with you all.
  • {Photo by me}

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Moshe Roas | The Textile Circle of Life | January 30.14

  • Cotton, sand, glass powder, fabric, metal and sponge are just a few of the materials that Moshe Roas uses in his art.
    Moshe, a certified textile designer, is anything but your average textile designer. While he plays with textures and layering among other things, his creative world is surrounded by unordinary ideas that are conveyed by different materials. I guess the “right” word to describe him will be an ARTIST.
    During his studies at the Textile Design Department at Shenkar College, Moshe developed a unique technique in which he prints on cotton cloth with the help of sand, glass dust and pigments. “Using this technique I created textile which builds a round and infinite world full of details and layers.” Since then (it was back in 2008) he moved to experimenting with stacks of metal and high temperatures.
    Words can not describe how fascinated I am by Moshe’s work and I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more about him around here.

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Avner Shalgi | White (or Gold) Horses, They Will Take You Away | January 27.14

  • Avner Shalgi’s My Wooden Horse “is made up of more than 30 individual pieces to create a horse completely made out of wood, which moves just like a real horse does. My Wooden Horse is a product that will be passed through generations. A product that when seen years later will bring back a flood of memories.”
    What can I say, this whole thing sounds impressive. Avner, a young industrial designer, teamed up with his brother Netta (also an industrial designer) and his sister Amit (the marketing wizard) and together they decided that right now is the right time to bring to life the beloved wooden horse.
    Their horse is well designed and well thought and you can read all about the design and the siblings right here. After you get into the cowboy mode and the child within you, go ahead an check their kickstarter campaign. These three need your support in order to move to production mode.
    BTW, how amazing is the golden horse?! So perfect!

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Shopping Break | Flatware on My Mind | January 24.14 | Handpicked by me.

  • Soon we will be moving to our new apartment. I’m sure it’s gonna take a little while to adjust but if there is one thing I’m really excited about is the possibilities this move hold when it come to decoration.
    I’m sure you gonna hear a lot about my wish list but first, let’s talk about flatware. Lately I’ve been searching for the perfect and may I add fancy flatware. I guess it’s time to really invest in fancy ones. I narrowed my list to these three.
    The Geometric-Flatware by Kate Spade Saturday.
  • The ombre Orly Flatware Set that I spotted at Anthropologie.
  • And the Gold Flatware Sets that I found at west elm.
    What do you think? Which one do you prefer? I’m having hard time choosing!
    On a side note: have you seen Kate Spade Saturday’s home collection? I’m obsessed!

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Other:Wise Studio | Mix It Up! | January 23.14

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