Shopping Break | Splurge Time is Bag Time | February 21.14 | Handpicked by me.

  • It’s been a while since I last searched for the perfect bag. Oh wait, it’s been only a month… Oh well.
    I don’t really need to justify myself. After all, I’m a bagoholic and that’s a fact. Here are: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, to prove it.
    This time I thought that it would be fun to dream big and splurge, even if just in my mind for now.
    Over the last year, I’ve become a huge fan of Loeffler Randall. A few weeks ago they reveled their new collection and of course I have a favorite. It’s the The Mini Rider Citrus Bag. Who doesn’t need a flare of citrus?! I know I do.
  • Next is the Duo-Pop Satchel that I spotted at Anthropologie. This time, I don’t really have a good explanation. I just want it.
  • As I said, I’m a big fan of Loeffler Randall and that only means that I also need their The Rider Bag in White. Don’t judge!
  • The fourth bag is an absolute must. It’s called Lunch Bag and after all, we all eat lunch. Right? So there you go. I sound like a four year old. But. I. Don’t.Care.

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Dar Rotem | The Illustrated Life Down Under | February 20.14

  • I’m one of those who can stare at the sea for hours. And my Instagram feed is here to back me up on this one. Anyways, Dar Rotem one of my favorite artists, also enjoys exploring the ocean. In her illustrations, she goes down under and brings to life a world of illustrated creatures and textures with her own unique strokes of paint. When you look at her illustrations, you can’t help but keep on wanting more. I wish that one day she will decide to turn her “Under the Water” sketches into a full blown illustrated book.
    There is so much depth and emotions in her hand writing and ever since I first spotted her back in 2011 at the Bezalel Academy graduate show, she keeps on going and growing.
    BTW, from time to time you can spot a dreamy sketch on her instagram feed. I’m just sayin…
    You can get in touch with Dar at: dariabanana {at} gmail {dot} com

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Dima Gurevich | Facial expressions . Way of the Mug | February 19.14

  • The closest people in my life keep telling me that I make all kinds of face expressions when I talk.
    They say that I’m super easy to read, thanks to my incriminating face expressions. And then? Then came Dima Gurevich, with his super adorable mugs.
    I know that his mugs don’t have the cutest expression but at least they are real! And I have to hand it to him.
    I mean, being grumpy or spotting a grumpy mug on your coffee table is not the worst thing that can happen to you. In fact, I find it cute. Super cute!
    Dima was a 2013 graduate of the Ceramic Design Department at the Bezalel Academy and the minute I spotted his graduate project, I wondered where he will go next.
    You can get in touch with Dima at: dimagurevichh {at} gmail {dot} com

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Studio ONEandMANY | Calculated Splashes of Black | February 14.14

  • When you fall in love with a designer, you always re-visit his kingdom in hoping to find new treasures. At least that’s how I roll.
    I’ve been following Yaara Landau-Katz’s (aka studio ONEandMANY) design steps since I first stumbled upon her graduation project back in 2012.
    Yaara was an industrial design student, who simply enjoyed the feeling that came with touching the raw clay and the possibilities that it held. And she still does!
    I especially love her black and white ceramic. The way I see it, you can never go wrong with black and white and in Yaara’s case, she handles that color palate with such grace. She makes effortless yet calculated splashes of black and it feels like she has an inner sensor for the perfect spot and angle of each and every black line.
    With each time I visit Yaara’s etsy shop, I feel like it’s time to sit down and learn a lot more about the behind the scenes action. So Yaara, watch out!
  • {Photos by Ella Manor}

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Alon Bitton | Lighting Jerry Cans | February 12.14

  • Alon Bitton is a jewelry designer who also likes to play around and create other objects.
    Lately (I’m not really sure where I first stumbled upon it) I discovered his – Jerry Can concrete lamps.
    Alon used the shape of well recognized plastic cans as his castaways and turned them into a molds for his concrete base.
    The contrast between the raw concrete, the bright light and the colorful electric strings turns it all into one special piece of fine design.
    I guess that’s what it’s all about, taking an everyday object and giving it your very own interpretation.
  • {Photos by Ella Manor}

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Student Break | Margarita Rudinshtein | It’s A Battlefield of Emotions | February 10.14

  • Pounding Memories is Margarita Rudinshtein’s 2013 graduation project out of the of the Jewelry Design Department at the Shenkar College.
    In Margarita’s jewelry the metal remembers everything and tells the story of the process and rebirth.
    While the material goes through a severe trauma, the end result is a series of intriguing objects, that make you want to take a closer look and dig deep underneath all the battled layers.
    You can get in touch with Margarita at: margaritarud {at} gmail {dot} com

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My San Francisco Break | A Taste of White and Blue in Lake Tahoe | February 7.14

  • A couple of weeks ago I experienced my first “snowy vacation”. I drove with a group of super sweet friends all the way from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe (for 4 hours, thank you very much!). While there, we rented the most magical cabin (check out the breathtaking view from the window). It felt so surreal to wake up in the morning, drink a cup of tasty hot chocolate (made by the sweet Ana and then by the lovely Shiri) and just stare at the white mountains.
    As you probably know, I prefer the sun to the snow any day of the week, but during that weekend (which was beyond freezing) I learned to appreciate this white white thing a little bit more. However, if there is one thing I know for sure is that Lake Tahoe during winter time is the place to be.
    And now, I leave you with a taste of this magical white with a dash of blue. Happy (and hopefully sunny) weekend, my sweet breakers!
  • {Photos by me}

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Shopping Break | All the Buildings in New York | | Handpicked by me.

  • It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with New York City. There is something about this city that you can’t put into words.
    It has everything to do with the atmosphere, the rush, the people the vibe and the buildings. Yes, the buildings. So obviously, the minute I found out that there is a whole book dedicated to the buildings of New York, which is simply called All the Buildings in New York, I had to put my hands on it.
    The one behind this illustrated gem is the Australian artist and illustrator, James Gulliver Hancock and he is one talented dude! I don’t think that I should keep on talking, I’ll just leave it to James to do all the talking. And I? I’ll be staring at all these dreamy illustrations and mark down all the buildings that I already know and those that I don’t, will be visited on my next trip.
    BTW, you can always follow James’ blog if you need to satisfy your NY architectural fix with new and bright buildings on a regular basis.

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