Ourit Ben-Haim | A New York Reading Maze | July 19.12

Whenever I visit NYC (and you know I have a thing for NY, right?), I’m amazed by the brilliant subway system. Maybe because here, it’s so damn complicated getting with public transportations. Anyways, I’m not complaining, I’m just mentioning it because I’m super excited about Ourit Ben-Haim’s Underground New York Public Library. Since …

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Yifat Verchik and Dan Peretz | Lost in Wonderland | June 28.11

Remember Yifat Verchik, the talented photographer who is responsible for Mona’s dreamy photographs? Well, after digging in her portfolio I had to share with you “Alice in wonderland”, a production which was made with love. Yifat and her man, Dan Peretz (a brilliant still life photographer) gathered a few of their talented friends …

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