My Las Vegas Break | September 27.13

I guess a lot can happen in a week… It’s been a week since I came back from Las Vegas and since then I managed to be sick after being forced to pull out my wisdom teeth. And that’s also why I’ve been super quiet this past week. Anyways, I hope to be up and …

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Hagar Cygler | Looking for Hannah! | April 25.13

When Hagar Cygler first shared with me her on going project aka Project Hannah I was speechless. Here’s why: “I found Hannah at the flea market while buying a stack of photo albums. These were simple albums, full of family photos… Among them I noticed some that repeated themselves – these were images …

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Independence Kind of Day | April 16.13

So… today Israel celebrates it’s 65th birthday. It’s kind of old but then again, kind of new. Whenever I think about my home country (and it’s only been three months since I left) I can’t help but daydream of it’s blue blue skies and happy weather. There is nothing that a clear blue …

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