My San Francisco Break | Our First SFversary! | January 19.14

Today marks our first SFversary! It’s been one exciting year filled with: joy.tears.excitements.colors.achievemets.NewFriends.OldFriends.butterflies.fears.appreciation.highs.lows.And above all… HAPPINESS. You can always follow my insta-feed to find out more about my latest journey in the city and you can also look for #MySanFranciscoBreak hashtag. As I feel a little bit homesick and super emotional, I found myself looking …

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35 It Is… | December 1.13

You guys, today was super special… Yep, I turned 35 and… I need to get used to that number. I will tell you all about my special day later on this week but in the meanwhile, I just wanted to share with you my over the top excitement. I know, I know… I shouldn’t feel …

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Today, Eight Years Ago… | September 2.13

Technically the Mister and I have been married for eight years. Today! But to be honest, it feels like we are together since forever and I mean it in the most loving way. We met in 1996 and ever since we’ve been together. So if I’m doing some quick math, we’ve been together for 17 …

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My First Interview… | August 14.13

It’s always difficult talking and showing pictures of yourself. At least that’s super hard for me. And that’s why I never agreed to do it up until now. Since moving to San Francisco, I decided to use the word YES more than I use the word NO when people ask me to take a moment …

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It’s The New 3.0 DesignBreak | July 23.13

I’m not sure if I said it out loud but… After working extra hard for the past few months on the re-design of DesignBreak, I can finally share with you the journey I was on towards the new design. It took me forever and if it was only up to me it probably wouldn’t have …

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Back to Reality… | July 17.13

I’v been a bit MIA for the last week… It’s only because I’ve been visiting my favorite girlfriend (aka Sivan) and my favorite city (aka NYC) and so… I just wanted to drop by, say hello and promise you that tomorrow I’ll be back to my posting self. Oh and… I can’t really believe I’m …

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Independence Kind of Day | April 16.13

So… today Israel celebrates it’s 65th birthday. It’s kind of old but then again, kind of new. Whenever I think about my home country (and it’s only been three months since I left) I can’t help but daydream of it’s blue blue skies and happy weather. There is nothing that a clear blue …

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It's Time to Celebrate Passover! | March 25.13

As I’m writing, everyone in Israel is sitting by the dinner table and celebrating the Passover… This time is a little bit different for me and the Mr. We are here is San Francisco and we’ll be participating in a Seder of our own later this evening. I wish I could be able …

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San Francisco Calling… | January 18.13

I’m writing this post sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to… San Francisco. Now I can finally share with you that I’m beginning a new and super exciting chapter in my life. One that I was waiting for, for a long long long time and now it looks like my dream …

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