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Interview | Swift Textiles | Mixing Modern and Tradition Creates Magic | July 15.14

It’s no secret that Textile has been one of my greatest discoveries since starting my DesignBreak journey almost five years ago… Back than I knew nothing about it, but little by little I discovered so many young talented designers, who make this tiny Israeli scene much more exciting let alone beautiful and vibrant. Michal Fierstein …

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Student Break | Tom Melnick | Gloomie. A Doll For The Depressed You | July 10.14

I’m having such a hard time keeping all the 2014 Graduate posts to myself before the Graduate Shows actually starts. Oh well, who cares. Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite illustrated discoveries, Miss Tom Melnick. Tom is a brand new graduate of the Communication Design Department at the Shenkar College and …

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Liat Brandel Gilon | Mad Scissoring Skills Gone Wild | July 3.14

At first glance I immediately imagined a crazy office supply party happening in front my eyes, while looking at Liat Brandel Gilon’s Casual Couture. Truth be told, Liat’s debut collection is based on Fake Reality, her 2013 graduate collection. However, this time around, Liat took her mad scissoring skills to a more practical level but …

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Student Break | Amit Shimoni | Hipster Leaders | July 1.14

With 2014 graduation shows just around the corner, I couldn’t resist sharing with you Amit Shimoni’s graduate project out of the Visual Communications Department at the Bezalel Academy. A couple of months ago I bumped into his hilarious portrait series, “Hipster Leaders”, which represent a group of iconic leaders of Israel’s history as… yep, hipsters. …

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Lee Coren | Urban Surroundings and Dreamy Escapism | June 24.14

Not every 8 hours spent in Rome are bound to lead to a beautiful collection. BUT, for Lee Coren it’s the only way she rolls. “The collection was inspired almost completely by an 8 hours stop in Rome, Italy… and is constructed on the melding of urban surroundings and dreamy escapism. The collection features handmade …

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Dafi Reis Doron | Foam Games | June 20.14

I’ve been following Dafi Reis Doron’s footsteps ever since I bumped into her creations, during her Royal College of Art days back in 2012. Back then, she introduced to the world her first 75% Control project. In her 75% Controlled process, Dafi transforms traditional cushion material, polyurethane foam, into a fabric-like upholstered surface. “The foam …

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