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DesignBreak Elsewhere | Interviewing Rona Meyuchas for the JPost | January 4.12

Just like that, out of the blue, I discovered Rona Meyuchas’s world. Immediately I knew I’ll find the right time and place to get to know her up close and personal. Rona is one of those designers who seems like they can do it all! From light fixtures to lamps, from office accessories …

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Frog | Einat Burg | Shawl Madness | December 27.11

Einat Burg and her “Frog” fabrics are no strangers to DesignBreak. “Curiosity is a wearable raw material” is one of those sayings that Einat believes in with passion. Her latest handmade gauze wrap stole shawls defiantly fall under the show stopper category. With the help of model and dancer Tamar Soon, I’m experiencing …

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