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Talia Mukmel | Creating A Brand New Past | June 14.17

Everywhere I turn, I see a S’well water bottle. Seriously! It’s such a craze… BUT, I’m here to tell you about a different kind of a water bottle. It’s the kind of bottle that holds within: past, present, earthiness, art and modern, at the same time. I’m talking about Talia Mukmel’s Revolve bottles. A collaboration …

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Loop Design | A Clutter-less Home, The Elisheva Way | June 5.17

Elisheva Manekin, the face behind Loop Design, knows a thing or two about meaningful objects. “While growing up, Elisheva’s family moved a lot – never spending more than two years in one house. Splitting their days between continents and cities, she did not know the feeling of growing up surrounded by the same walls. That …

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Na’ama Ben Moshe | You Are A Doll! | July 11.16

Hello! It’s me. Einat. It’s been forever since I wrote something. With the 2016 Graduate shows popping up in Israel and while few of my favorite 2015 graduates starting to bloom, I decided that it’s the perfect time to show up and just start writing again. So… Without further ado, let’s talk about Na’ama Ben …

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Tamara Efrat | Coding, The Embroidered Way | January 11.16

Instagram is a wonderful thing, especially when you live abroad and need your daily fix of Israeli inspiration. That’s where I stumbled upon Tamara Efrat’s mesmerizing Crafted Technology. Crafted Technology is a collaborated research project between Tamara, a M.Des graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy and Moran Mizrahi and Dr. Amit …

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