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Student Break | Lihi Ashkenazi | A Cyber Dance | July 15.12

I’m loving this time of the year. It’s the graduate shows time of the month! – The super smart Lihi Ashkenazi, gone backwards on us. What I mean is that she decided to explore the transition from interactive media to the printed media and by that achieved a different kind of experience. Wikipedia, …

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Shira Barzilay and Einat Skalski | Illustrated Ummm… Everything | May 10.12

You all know I’m one of Shira Barzilai‘s biggest fans. Right? It’s so much fun witnessing her progress as a fashion illustrator, doing her own thing, in the Israeli battle field. One of her latest adventures was illustrating the newest catalog of Einat Skalski‘s leather bags. Einat is all about big, bold, ethnic, …

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My Japanese Break | Hiroko Takahashi | Follow The Bright Light | April 29.12

One of the things that keeps me going are the butterflies that come to visit inside my stomach once in a while. And let me tell you something, nothing can beat this exciting feeling! While visiting the 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan in Tokyo I experienced something which I hadn’t for a long time. I …

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Lital Gold | Somewhere Over The Rainbow | April 8.12

Communication. Connection. Link. Relation. Relationship. Contact. Bond. Loop. Tie. Knot. All these words are the equivalent of the Hebrew word “Kesher”, which is also the tittle of Lital Gold’s first solo exhibition at the Urban Inc HQ in Philadelphia. I have a feeling it’s not a coincidence that in her first exhibition, Lital …

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