World Break | Goutte De Terre | Royal Ceramics | February 6.14

The minute I was introduced to the world of ceramic jewelry (thanks to Daniel Zelig, I couldn’t get enough of it! This morning when I stumbled upon Goutte De Terre‘s white and gold beauties, I couldn’t find the strength in me to wait yet another minute before telling you about it. Raphaël Schaltegger, is the …

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Rachel Boxnboim | Alice is Taking Over Anthropologie | August 23.13

About two years ago, one Rachel Boxnboim, graduated out of the Bezalel Academy. In her graduation project, that goes by the name Alice, Rachel created ceramic teaware out of fabric molds. Fast forward to 2013 and the same Alice ceramics are being sold at Anthropologie (!!!) The other day while I was on my weekly …

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Shopping Break | Ceramic Bangles? Yes, Please! | August 9.13

Whenever an industrial designer turns into an accessories designer, I know that only good things can come out of it. Julie Hung, the one behind Jujumade, is an industrial designer, who turned into a ceramist and now… her oh-so-beautiful first collection of handmade ceramic accessories has been born. I’m so in love with the splashes …

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Student Break | Ruchoma Rubin | Emotional Games | August 6.13

Bobby. That’s the name Ruchoma Rubin decided to call her super lovable ceramic creature. Ruchoma, a 2013 graduate out of the Ceramic Design Department at the Bezalel Academy, developed a seemingly amorphous forms while attempting (and succeeding!) to create variations, that will allow the viewer to partake in this unspoken game of association. a game …

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Batia Malka | Newborns | January 30.13

Ever since I first discovered Batia Malka’s ceramic world, almost two years ago, I can’t get enough of it. Usually Batia deals with lots of difficult and sensitive matters but for some reason that’s exactly why I’m mesmerized by it time after time. All these baby heads and body parts assembled together feel …

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