Talia Mukmel | Creating A Brand New Past | June 14.17

Everywhere I turn, I see a S’well water bottle. Seriously! It’s such a craze… BUT, I’m here to tell you about a different kind of a water bottle. It’s the kind of bottle that holds within: past, present, earthiness, art and modern, at the same time. I’m talking about Talia Mukmel’s Revolve bottles. A collaboration …

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Moshe Roas | The Textile Circle of Life | January 30.14

Cotton, sand, glass powder, fabric, metal and sponge are just a few of the materials that Moshe Roas uses in his art. Moshe, a certified textile designer, is anything but your average textile designer. While he plays with textures and layering among other things, his creative world is surrounded by unordinary ideas that are conveyed …

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Student Break | Nelli Lorch | Different Worlds. Different Us | January 6.14

In a Different World You Would Be A Different Person. That’s the tittle of Nelli Lorch’s 2013 graduation project at the Ceramic Design Department at the Bezalel Academy. When I saw the image of the glass reindeers, I knew that I have to find out what’s the story behind this magical and intriguing installation. While …

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Mishmaacool + | Sometimes, Even Materials Have a Sense of Humor! | July 13.13

Usually industrial designers that I talk to say that they like to stick to their initial sketches and don’t like to be surprised side effects of materials. And then came Mishmaacool (aka Ohad Benit) and (aka Atar Brosh) and together they created the 50% Control Stool. The two decided to challenge themselves and began …

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