Let’s Get Personal
  • Hi there, so happy you decided to look around.
    I started DesignBreak back in September 2009 out of my slight obsession for all things design and my desire to write about the mad crazy local talent here in Israel.
    Since then It’s become a full time job for me and I am loving every minute.
    I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    Here are 10 truths about me (some super disturbing…):
    1. My RSS Reader contains 1774 subscriptions.
    2. I collect Dunnies for a living. I have 48 and counting…
    3. I’m a reality TV junkie and I love it!
    4. I’m a terrible cook.
    5. I heart my abuella’s spicy carrot salad.
    6. My husband says I’m like a sunflower since I have to get a daily fix of sunshine.
    7. I once bought a shirt I didn’t like just to get the store’s shopping bag.
    8. After I got married, we quit our jobs, sold all our belongings and went backpacking
    through south america for seven months.
    9. I always think about vacating in Thailand but end up in NYC.
    10. I wish Bath & Body Works will open a store in Israel. They won’t regret it.
    Sending a stylish sunny smile your way,
    {Photo by Noa Kedmi}