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Israel Calling | May 23.14

I’m not sure if you are aware of the fact that during mid April, I spent almost three weeks in Israel. If you follow me on Instagram, there is no way you could miss it buy otherwise… Things have been so crazy around here that I didn’t even have a moment to stop pause and …

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Back to Reality… | July 17.13

I’v been a bit MIA for the last week… It’s only because I’ve been visiting my favorite girlfriend (aka Sivan) and my favorite city (aka NYC) and so… I just wanted to drop by, say hello and promise you that tomorrow I’ll be back to my posting self. Oh and… I can’t really believe I’m …

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Today, Six Years Ago… | September 2.11

Today, six years ago, I married my best friend. I can honestly say that my life feels complete with him by my side. Our endless conversations, coffee dates on Monday mornings, exciting holidays and so many other little random stuff that we share make me feel SO special. My Mr, I love you …

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