Interview | Designer Insights with Einat Kayless Argaman (aka me) | September 15.14

  • It’s not that easy to write about yourself. Especially when you are one of those, who likes to hide behind their computer screen. However, from time to time it feels good to push my boundaries, and that’s what I decided to do when Tudor Davies, my new twitter friend and the one behind Terry’s Blinds asked me to be part of their on going series, Designer Insights.
    You can read about my days as a blogger, the ones I admire, my inspiration and my fave designs at the moment right here oh and… While doing so, you’ll be able to bump into a rare pic of yours truly, which was taken by my fairy photographer, Noa Kedmi. So not like my usual self, I’m trying to do things a little bit differently (baby steps).

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Student Break | Shmulik Doron | Shiny Happy (Tiny) Creatures | September 12.14

  • As it turns out, Shmulik Doron and I have something in common. Our imagination tends to work overtime and therefore we spot faces even on still objects. Life is so much fun that way, I can promise you that much.
    Anyway, back to Shmulik. He is a super fresh graduate out of the Industrial Design Department at the Holon Institute of Technology. While working with a ceramic extruder, on his Manufacturing Ceramic Creations, Shmulik discovered that the ceramic extruder is capable of manufacturing various ceramic profiles. “Following an in-depth research study on the ceramic extruder and its capabilities, a new, yet simple part was added to the extrusion process; allowing the creation of 3D ceramic models in a new simple way”.
    After realizing that he can create massive amounts of figures in no time, he ended up producing a batch of 60 bunnies and owls in one week. And then… Then the fun part began. That’s when all these life-less figures began turning into soulful creatures, with Shmulik’s very own touch. The guy, who sees faces, began illustrating a lot of facial expressions, which also made each and every creature into a one of a kind creation.
    Take a few moments and watch Shmulik doing his thing. This guy is the real deal!
    You can get in touch with Shmulik at: samymam {at} gmail {dot} com

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Today, Nine Years Ago… | September 2.14

  • From one special occasion to even a more special one.
    Time really does fly when you are having fun. At least that’s what everybody keeps on telling me and I guess they are right.
    Today, nine years ago, on one sunny and bright tel avivian beach, my sweet Mr. and I got married.
    A lot has happened in the last nine years. From packing our bags and spending more than six months in South America backpacking as our dream honeymoon (once in a lifetime experience!). To starting to dream of our lives overseas. To traveling the world from high to low, Japan to Hawaii and in between. To finally making our dream a reality and moving all the way from Israel to San Francisco. And… now, being so close to welcoming our new boy to our life in the US.
    I wouldn’t and couldn’t do all of this without the one guy, who makes every little dream of mine a reality. Even my wildest and strangest ideas (and trust me when I say that I have a bucket full of them) find a way to become a living breathing reality.
    I know that life with a sweet, loving, giving and hugging guy is what it’s all about and each and every day I feel like the luckiest of them all.
    {Photo by me}

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Student Break | Kathrin Schank | Botanical Monsters |

  • By now you all know that I’m obsessed with all things watercolor and especially when you combine it with a zest of neon.
    So… when I bumped into Kathrin Schank, a fresh new graduate out of the Textile Design Department at Shenkar College, and her Montrous Botanics, I knew she is my kind of designer.
    With her crazy developed imagination, Kathrin illustrated an imaginative botanical world, in which tiny little monsters and their every day surroundings, live together in watercolored harmony.
    At the end of her process, Kathrin printed her colorful creation on fabric, after all she just graduated out of a textile design department. However, as I see it, Kathrin’s creatures are about to live a happy life as artwork or better yet, tiny little vinyl toys.
    Fun fact: Kathrin’s dad is a gardner.

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DesignBreak’s 5th Blogiversary | Didn’t See This One Coming | September 1.14

  • Today marks DesignBreak’s 5th Blogiversary. How crazy is that?!
    To be honest, the last year wasn’t the easiest one, when it comes to blogging.
    I’ve been through lots of setbacks, doubts, emotions and I was, and still am dealing with lots of questions that need to be answered.
    With that being said, I wouldn’t change a thing. After all, life happens and you have to take the good with the bad. There is no other way to overcome all these obstacles other than except that sometimes (or should I say, most of the times) you have to work extra hard to conquer your fears and just keep going.
    However, in between all the doubts and uncertainties, one thing never changed all these years and that’s the fact that I just LOVE doing what I do.
    I Love writing about design. I Love getting to know the faces behind the products. I Love meeting fellow bloggers. I Love having lots of coffee breaks, in fancy coffee shops, in the middle of the day, in between meetings. I love going to graduate shows. I love reading each and every comment, tweet or email that I receive. And above all, I LOVE the fact that you keep on coming back to my DesignBreak.
    Knowing that there are people, all over the world, who care about design, Israeli design and particularly my point of view, makes it all worth while. It really does!
    So… here’s for a brand new year, filled with love for beautiful and meaningful design that will keep your hearts and mine full.
    {Photo by me}

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I’ve Been To Heaven (aka Maui) and Back | August 31.14

  • You guys, I’m sorry for the radio silence for the past week. I was planning on keeping blogging but… When in Hawaii, it’s not such an easy task. The never ending beaches and the bright sun managed to keep me away from non-summer activities.
    So… What did the Mr. and I do while in Maui? A LOT OF THINGS. We skipped from beach to beach, ate (like crazy), laid low by the pool, felt like we were in a “Lost” scene for a moment or two and basically just spent 24\7 together, which is the best thing ever!
    If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that a big change is about to happen in our lives… Yep, the two of us are about to become three in a short two months. A tiny baby boy will join our family and… I’m both terrified and excited at the same time.
    But wait, back to Maui. I don’t really know how to describe this magical place in too many words but my sweet friend Ana, did such an amazing job in capturing her Maui adventures that if you are thinking about an Hawaiian vacation, just head over to her blog, read her posts and stare at her beautiful pictures.
    I, on the other hand, will leave you with a few of my favorite snaps from this paradise-like week.
  • In the first couple of days we stayed at Lahaina, enjoyed the picture perfect beaches and had the most amazing dinner and then lunch at Star Noodle. In Lahaina, I also tasted for the first time Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. So good!
  • Next was Pa’ia, a surfer town, with it’s colorful houses and roads. Of course we stopped for a flatbread at the Flatbread Company.
  • The “Lost” scenes happened at the magical Iao Valley park. For the first time since forever, I didn’t mind walking while giant drops of rain dropped all over me. It was once in a lifetime kind of moment.
  • Next was a road trip to explore the Road to Hana , with all it’s crazy turns, pretty waterfalls and many banana breads and yummy fruits along the way. Of course I also had to stop at Coconut Glen’s. I mean, I can never say no to ice-cream. Especially when it’s being served in a coconut bowl.
  • With a happy belly and a big smile on our faces, we arrived at the most magical beach… a black sand beach (aka Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach.) It was my absolute favorite part of this whole road trip (besides the banana bread).
  • After all this road tripping, it was time to lay low, move to the southern side of Maui and enjoy a few days doing nothing but spending some down time in the beautiful beaches on this side of the island. Oh and don’t let me start talking about the crazy beautiful sunsets that we experienced each and every night. so, so magical.
  • At some point we also had to check our resort’s pool. Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve been dreaming about a pool that you can actually enjoy. BUT with the weather being so unpredictable and a bit colder than what I normally like, I had to give up my pool days…
  • A quick visit to the “Big Beach” was in order, since I’ve heard so much about the crazy waves and the crazier surfers that are doing their thing day in and day out. It was too scary to get inside the ocean over there, but I sure enjoyed watching their (at times almost) suicidal attempts to catch the next perfect wave.
  • Oh and… the moment when you swim in the ocean, minding your own business and a turtle decides to swim beside you. Yep, it really happened, on our last day! What can I say, it was the most unexpected and perfect ending to a dreamy vacation.
  • I guess all is left to say is: see you soon Hawaii. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll see you again!

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Shopping Break | Black and Nude Is The Only Way To Roll | August 22.14 | Handpicked by me.

  • You know what’s coming your way. No?
    Yep, it’s yet another one of my probably never ending bag’s lists. I love searching for my next favorite bag and the truth is that whenever I do buy one, I already think about the next one. I don’t think I can do it any different at this point. It’s too late. My brain only works a certain way by now…
    If I’m being totally honest, I’m back to black with a touch of nude. I mean, I’ve always been a black lover but when it came to bags I love to get a little bit crazy. For some reason, this time a bit different.
    When it comes to bags, my motto is always “the bigger the better”, and so this Stencil Bag, that I found over at Need Supply Co., is the perfect example for a big bag that also possess a pretty silhouette.
  • Hi there, pretty polka dots! I don’t think I need to add a single word. I’m just going to say that in this case, I can do clutch. But only this time!
  • This two-tone leather crossbody by Job & Boss made me appreciate the nude-black combo even more than ever. Plus, I just learned that Job & Boss is based in San Francisco, so it wins some extra points.
  • The Paper Tote Bag Round possess such a Japanese and wrinkled like vibe that you just can’t resist. Can you?
  • And last but most definitely not least, this fancy Lock Bag that I can only daydream about, since I’m short $408 at the moment.

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Student Break | Ravit Tzadik | Wood in Motion | August 21.14

  • Whenever I spot a jewelry collection in the midst of an Industrial Design Graduate Show, I miss a beat. And this time was no different.
    Ravit Tzadik a brand new graduate out of the Industrial Design Department at the Holon Institute of Technology, is the one behind Wood in Motion. In her “twisted” collection, Ravit played with the flexibility of the wood, with the help of the lamination technology. Most of the times lamination is used in furniture design Ravit decided that it’s time to challenge this common notion. In her line of accessories, she creates a new interpretation, which is driven by the esthetics of objects and their movement.
    “The collection tells the story of the technology, stretches the limits of the material and glorifies it at the same time.”
    I have to say that I’m super impressed by the variety of rings in Ravit’s collection and especially by the fact that it seems like you can actually wear each and every one of them without having to make any adjustments.
    Oh, I also have to give her thumbs up for the most beautiful and minimalist styling!
    You can get in touch with Ravit at: ravit.tzadik {at} gmail {dot} com
  • {Photos by Amichai Hilman}

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