Student Break | Adi Lev Dori | Floating Ink | November 4.14

  • It’s been too long since I shared with you any of my favorite projects out of the 2014 graduate projects.
    I know, I know, the graduate shows took place ages ago, but who cares!
    Adi Lev Dori is a graduate of the Jewelry Design Department at Shenkar College. Her The Shape of Ink project took me by surprise.
    The Shape of Ink draws inspiration from the world of Body Modifications.
    The lines of each jewel, float just above the surface of the body, adding another dimension to the contour tattooed on the skin…”
    I’m not your average tattoo gal but something about these minimalistic black geometric lines made me take a second and then third look.
    There is no doubt that these floating accessories are a statement piece. However, if you like me, still want to own a piece of Adi’s minimal world and can’t pull off this extreme look, head over to her Etsy Shop. I found there a gem or two that I won’t mind rocking.

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Zemer Peled | Piece By Piece. Flower By Flower | October 29.14

  • I think I’m having a girl crush (the ceramic kind) on Zemer Peled.
    I’m not really sure when was the first time I heard her name or got to see her massive creations, but the minute I did, I’m pretty sure I creeped her up on facebook and forced her to be my FB friend. I know, how shameless of me.
    Anyways, It’s been a long time coming and now I have to share with you her blooming world and especially her huge ceramic flowers.
    Zemer spends her days constructing the most mind blowing sculptures, while using a mountain of ceramic shards as her bread and butter. Looking at her blooming flowers, I’m noting but in awe… This girl has buckets full of patience under her belt!
    “My work examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world and I’m inspired by nature and my surrounding landscapes… I love playing with the idea of the texture and the form can look airy, delicate, light and fluffy and to give a sense of flutter, as if my breath would break it. Yet, the hard and sharp shards can be seen as round and moving, and give a sense of softness.”
    FYI, you can read a short interview with Zemer on 108 | Contemporary.

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Maor Zabar | Foodie-licious Hats | October 27.14

  • An artist. A costume designer. A stylist. Maor Zabar is doing it all.
    This one man powerhouse of all things fabulous and over the top creations, knows exactly how to put a smile on your face. I’m not sure if it’s the foodie in me or the fact that everyone around me are so into Halloween, the minute I stumbled upon Maor’s brilliant hats, I knew you needed to know about them and HIM.
    I’m familiar with Maror’s work as a costume designer for theater and dance for quite some time but his over the top hats are definitely the icing on a super creamy, three story cake!
    I mean, most hat designers (especially in Israel) take themselves too seriously, but not Maor!
    I’m not sure that I can rock this Salad Bowl or Shusi Plate but I definitely can see myself having his Berry Pie or Ice Cream Cone hats as a centerpiece on my dinning table.
    The big question is, what about you? Can you see yourself rocking these foodie delights?! I’m sure many of you can!

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inSync | Iris Saar Isaacs | The Dancing Line | October 15.14

  • There are times when you don’t really need to say much about a collection. You just need to click through each and every picture and enjoy what you see.
    That’s exactly what I did the minute I received a heads up on Iris Saar Isaacs’ brand new creations.
    Iris, the one behind inSync, has a distinct fingerprint when it comes to her “lined” accessories and that’s exactly why I’m drawn to it time after time. After all, I can’t resist a well designed, bold yet minimal (in its own way) accessory.
    FYI, you can visit my previous inSync posts and read my interview with Iris, right here.

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Imelda Shoes | Hello Sunshine | October 6.14

  • I don’t really need an excuse to write about shoes. In fact, if it was up to me, I would write about them 24/7.
    And as much as I love writing about shoes, I love buying them. I know, it’s a problem, but one I don’t mind dealing with.
    I’ve been meaning to write about Shani Mifano and her Imelda Shoes ages ago and I can’t believe that I haven’t done it so far. It’s a mistake that needs to be addressed.
    I don’t think that I need to say much in this particular case. I mean, look at Shani’s color range and especially her extensive use of the color yellow (thank god for designers who appreciate yellow!). But wait, I need to mention the fact that at the moment I’m craving her oxford shoes and can see these and also these beauties in my future. In fact, I can see them sitting pretty in my shoe closet.
    How about you? Which one would you buy? And don’t you worry, I’m sure there are enough shoes for all of us!

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Yulia Tsukerman | Abstract Paintings. Minimal Ceramics | October 3.14

  • Sometime being patient pays off. At least that’s what I keep on telling myself, whenever I see a graduate project that I can’t take my eyes off. At these moments I wish the student would already be shop ready with lots of stuff I can choose from and just pay. Yeah, I know, I need a reality check.
    I hope you see where I’m going with this…
    I first bumped into Yulia Tsukerman’s oh-so-minimal creations, at Bezalel Academy‘s 2011 Graduate Show. Duh!
    AT that time, Yulia was focusing on sculpture like beauties BUT NOW… Yulia is ready to introduce to the world her brand new usable ceramics. And yes, it was so worth the wait!
    Her ceramics look like collector pieces. Like a one of a kind object, that you don’t really want to hide in your cabinet. I’m talking about vessels that you want and NEED to present to the world (or at least to your guests).
    I especially love the doodle aspect of it and I can imagine Yulia sitting in her studio and having a blast, while working on these super free and spontaneous abstract paintings.
  • {Photos by Julia Sorin}

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Eyal Richter | Are You Looking At Me? | September 30.14

  • Instagram, oh Instagram. I can’t put into words how much I love finding new instagramers to follow. Especially the ones that know how to put a big smile on my face, once I bump into their feed.
    Anyways, this isn’t an instagram love post, it’s more like an Eyal Richter love post. Love for his feed aka eyalized.
    Eyal, a designer by day and musician by night, is the one responsible for placing googly eyes all over editorial photographs. You can love it, you can feel a bit uncomfortable at times, but you just can’t ignore it. YOU JUST CAN’T!
    You should also know that the guy takes his job, as an eye placer, super serious and snaps more than 60 pics before choosing the right one that ends up in his feed. If I were you, I would sit back, and take a few moments to go through his googly creations. And in case you aren’t too afraid to use google translate, I would recommend you to read an interview with this wicked guy and find out more about his super intriguing project.

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Here’s For A Brand New Jewish Year and Lots of Fortune Cookies | September 24.14

  • Rosh Hashanah (aka The Jewish New Year) is here and boy I can’t believe how fast it passed by. Too fast.
    I can’t predict what this coming year will be like but it feels like I shouldn’t think too much about it. Just go with the flow and trust my ongoing fortune.
    Wishing all you Jewies, a bright and adventurous year filled with lots of fortune cookies and unknown treasures.
    {Photo by me}

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