• In a few short months, I’ll be writing about the 2015 Graduates, however there is no rule that says that I can’t continue writing about my favorite 2014 Graduates. Right?
    I can’t remember when was the last time a fashion graduate put a smile on my face. And I’m talking about a juicy smile, that makes your cheeks hurt. And then came Golan Taub and his New Layer collection, out of the Fashion Design Department at the Shenkar College. I mean look at these insane silhouettes and colors.
    While exploring Golan’s outfits all I could think about was: “I’m pretty sure Barbie would totally rock these pieces.” BUT, I am quite sure Golan didn’t have Barbie on his mind creating these fun showstoppers. In fact, he was inspired by the shoguns, the warriors of Imperial Japan who established their identity as warriors with threatening and intimidating costumes. Golan takes the fashion world and all the seriousness that usually comes with it, in a different perspective, enjoying each vibrant color that goes through his sewing machine and creating outrageous silhouettes for the inner Harajuku girl inside every one of us.
  • {Photos by Daniel Kaminsky}