• Is there such a thing as an “Israeli illustration”? If so, what characterizes it? Where do “comfort zone” and “war zone” meet? What happens when the political defines the personal and vice versa?
    So many questions BUT… let’s start from the beginning.
    Avital Manor is my hero. She is also the curator behind Comfort Zone, an exhibition taking place at the Binyamin Gallery in Tel Aviv, with some of my all times fave Israeli illustrators.
    I’ve heard so much about the process behind the scenes and all I can say is: I have mad respect for Avital and all these young illustrators. These guys will do everything in their power to show their art, their way and in their own terms. I guess this is also part of them getting out of their comfort zone, leaving their sketchbooks and screens behind and coming front and center with their art.
    “In this exhibition we wish to confront the idea behind a ‘Comfort Zone’ and its meaning for a new generation of illustrators working today in Israel; A generation born and raised into a digital narcissistic reality, where each moment their actions are judged by society over photos and status-updates – an endless trial whose verdict changes, and even reverses, every second; A generation that, even before they have ‘earned’ the habits and patterns which define their own comfort zone, are asked to leave it; A generation of excessive self-awareness, whose every action is given an almost immediate feedback.”
    Just one more thing that I need to mention, the illustrations are being displayed inside light-boxes, which I love. Such a brilliant way to showcase all these beautiful illustrations while adding another dimension to this illustrated party.
  • {Illustrations from top to bottom by: Einat Tsarfati, Keren Tagar, Niv Tishbi, Alon Braier and Lihie Jacob}