• It’s been too long since I shared with you any of my favorite projects out of the 2014 graduate projects.
    I know, I know, the graduate shows took place ages ago, but who cares!
    Adi Lev Dori is a graduate of the Jewelry Design Department at Shenkar College. Her The Shape of Ink project took me by surprise.
    The Shape of Ink draws inspiration from the world of Body Modifications.
    The lines of each jewel, float just above the surface of the body, adding another dimension to the contour tattooed on the skin…”
    I’m not your average tattoo gal but something about these minimalistic black geometric lines made me take a second and then third look.
    There is no doubt that these floating accessories are a statement piece. However, if you like me, still want to own a piece of Adi’s minimal world and can’t pull off this extreme look, head over to her Etsy Shop. I found there a gem or two that I won’t mind rocking.