• I think I’m having a girl crush (the ceramic kind) on Zemer Peled.
    I’m not really sure when was the first time I heard her name or got to see her massive creations, but the minute I did, I’m pretty sure I creeped her up on facebook and forced her to be my FB friend. I know, how shameless of me.
    Anyways, It’s been a long time coming and now I have to share with you her blooming world and especially her huge ceramic flowers.
    Zemer spends her days constructing the most mind blowing sculptures, while using a mountain of ceramic shards as her bread and butter. Looking at her blooming flowers, I’m noting but in awe… This girl has buckets full of patience under her belt!
    “My work examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world and I’m inspired by nature and my surrounding landscapes… I love playing with the idea of the texture and the form can look airy, delicate, light and fluffy and to give a sense of flutter, as if my breath would break it. Yet, the hard and sharp shards can be seen as round and moving, and give a sense of softness.”
    FYI, you can read a short interview with Zemer on 108 | Contemporary.