• An artist. A costume designer. A stylist. Maor Zabar is doing it all.
    This one man powerhouse of all things fabulous and over the top creations, knows exactly how to put a smile on your face. I’m not sure if it’s the foodie in me or the fact that everyone around me are so into Halloween, the minute I stumbled upon Maor’s brilliant hats, I knew you needed to know about them and HIM.
    I’m familiar with Maror’s work as a costume designer for theater and dance for quite some time but his over the top hats are definitely the icing on a super creamy, three story cake!
    I mean, most hat designers (especially in Israel) take themselves too seriously, but not Maor!
    I’m not sure that I can rock this Salad Bowl or Shusi Plate but I definitely can see myself having his Berry Pie or Ice Cream Cone hats as a centerpiece on my dinning table.
    The big question is, what about you? Can you see yourself rocking these foodie delights?! I’m sure many of you can!