• Sometime being patient pays off. At least that’s what I keep on telling myself, whenever I see a graduate project that I can’t take my eyes off. At these moments I wish the student would already be shop ready with lots of stuff I can choose from and just pay. Yeah, I know, I need a reality check.
    I hope you see where I’m going with this…
    I first bumped into Yulia Tsukerman’s oh-so-minimal creations, at Bezalel Academy‘s 2011 Graduate Show. Duh!
    AT that time, Yulia was focusing on sculpture like beauties BUT NOW… Yulia is ready to introduce to the world her brand new usable ceramics. And yes, it was so worth the wait!
    Her ceramics look like collector pieces. Like a one of a kind object, that you don’t really want to hide in your cabinet. I’m talking about vessels that you want and NEED to present to the world (or at least to your guests).
    I especially love the doodle aspect of it and I can imagine Yulia sitting in her studio and having a blast, while working on these super free and spontaneous abstract paintings.
  • {Photos by Julia Sorin}