• Instagram, oh Instagram. I can’t put into words how much I love finding new instagramers to follow. Especially the ones that know how to put a big smile on my face, once I bump into their feed.
    Anyways, this isn’t an instagram love post, it’s more like an Eyal Richter love post. Love for his feed aka eyalized.
    Eyal, a designer by day and musician by night, is the one responsible for placing googly eyes all over editorial photographs. You can love it, you can feel a bit uncomfortable at times, but you just can’t ignore it. YOU JUST CAN’T!
    You should also know that the guy takes his job, as an eye placer, super serious and snaps more than 60 pics before choosing the right one that ends up in his feed. If I were you, I would sit back, and take a few moments to go through his googly creations. And in case you aren’t too afraid to use google translate, I would recommend you to read an interview with this wicked guy and find out more about his super intriguing project.