• Today’s post is super special to me.
    Ruta Reifen, one of my precious gifts thanks to this blog, is launching her brand new site and brand new and blooming collection of jewelry.
    I’ve been following her footsteps or better yet her handprint since 2009, that’s when she graduated from The Jewelry Design Department at the Shenkar College. Since then, Ruta moved on to Rhode Island School of Design in Providence RI to pursue her Master Degree and from there she moved to Brooklyn, where she lives and creates with her two bare hands.
    Ruta is all about nature and it’s form.
    “As a maker, jewelry presents endless opportunities to form intimacy through a wearable piece of art. These jewels are symbols of the splendor and romance I find in flowers, also the most immediate material for self-adornment since ancient times. Floral forms relate directly to the wearer, the exchange between us is personal with every piece I create.”
    Anyways, you have no idea how excited I am to present to you her oh-so-delicate yet enchanting one of a kind and massive pieces. And like with most designers, Ruta also has a dark side, or should I say a bolder side, in which she creates collection that won’t leave you unnoticed.
    Oh… you can also read my interview with this sparkling rockstar, that took place back in 2011.