• It all began when I saw this brilliant picture on Ohad Benit’s instagram feed.
    Let’s pause for a quick side note. Ohad is hands down my favorite Israeli instagrammer. Check his feed and you’ll see why.
    So, when Ohad shares sneak peeks of future projects he is working on, I’m taking notes.
    Back to the pic. The one behind these crazy doodles is Pudish aka Avital Pudinsky. A graphic designer by trade, who enjoys doodling her way through her spare time. And… when you print these oh-so-crazy-good doodles on a stack of notebooks, you get the most desirable stationary that one (meaning me) would drool over.
    If you want to have a slice of this black and white perfection, you should contact Avital and she will lead the way to a happy buy. I’m sure a store will follow soon enough. It’s just that I couldn’t wait a minute longer to share.
    In the meanwhile, you should follow her instagram feed, for any future doodle-ish developments.
    You can get in touch with Avital at: pudishart {at} gmail {dot} com