• As it turns out, Shmulik Doron and I have something in common. Our imagination tends to work overtime and therefore we spot faces even on still objects. Life is so much fun that way, I can promise you that much.
    Anyway, back to Shmulik. He is a super fresh graduate out of the Industrial Design Department at the Holon Institute of Technology. While working with a ceramic extruder, on his Manufacturing Ceramic Creations, Shmulik discovered that the ceramic extruder is capable of manufacturing various ceramic profiles. “Following an in-depth research study on the ceramic extruder and its capabilities, a new, yet simple part was added to the extrusion process; allowing the creation of 3D ceramic models in a new simple way”.
    After realizing that he can create massive amounts of figures in no time, he ended up producing a batch of 60 bunnies and owls in one week. And then… Then the fun part began. That’s when all these life-less figures began turning into soulful creatures, with Shmulik’s very own touch. The guy, who sees faces, began illustrating a lot of facial expressions, which also made each and every creature into a one of a kind creation.
    Take a few moments and watch Shmulik doing his thing. This guy is the real deal!
    You can get in touch with Shmulik at: samymam {at} gmail {dot} com