• You know what’s coming your way. No?
    Yep, it’s yet another one of my probably never ending bag’s lists. I love searching for my next favorite bag and the truth is that whenever I do buy one, I already think about the next one. I don’t think I can do it any different at this point. It’s too late. My brain only works a certain way by now…
    If I’m being totally honest, I’m back to black with a touch of nude. I mean, I’ve always been a black lover but when it came to bags I love to get a little bit crazy. For some reason, this time a bit different.
    When it comes to bags, my motto is always “the bigger the better”, and so this Stencil Bag, that I found over at Need Supply Co., is the perfect example for a big bag that also possess a pretty silhouette.
  • Hi there, pretty polka dots! I don’t think I need to add a single word. I’m just going to say that in this case, I can do clutch. But only this time!
  • This two-tone leather crossbody by Job & Boss made me appreciate the nude-black combo even more than ever. Plus, I just learned that Job & Boss is based in San Francisco, so it wins some extra points.
  • The Paper Tote Bag Round possess such a Japanese and wrinkled like vibe that you just can’t resist. Can you?
  • And last but most definitely not least, this fancy Lock Bag that I can only daydream about, since I’m short $408 at the moment.