• You guys, I’m super excited to begin sharing with you my annual graduate posts!
    2014 has been one of those strange years in which nothing really went according to plan BUT… now that I have so many exciting and super special projects that I need to share with you, things look a lot better.
    Anyways, let’s begin the festivities of the 2014 graduate posts with Hadas Friedland Hayun, a graduate of the Visual Communications Department at the Bezalel Academy, and her illustrated scarves.
    We all know the biblical story of Genesis. Hadas decided to illustrate seven scenes out of these magical and enchanting stories and present them to the world as a series of scarves aka “The Seven Scarves”. Hada’s desire to bring her Jewish cultural story into center stage and her love for the written word, made her dig deep and come up with illustrations that make you want to explore these familiar stories in a different way, or should I dare to say, a much more intriguing way. Each and every scarf holds within, an illustration that can make you sail away with your thoughts to far lands and ancient times… There is nothing I love more than knowing how a story begins but have no idea were my imagination will end.
    On a side note: Hadas also has a brilliant facebook page which is basically an open sketchbook. You should definitely check it out.
    You can get in touch with Hadas at: hadasunt {at} gmail {dot} com
  • {Photos by Rotem Rachel Chen}