• I’m not really sure when was the first time I laid my eyes on one of Dana Haim’s textile beauties. I think it was Nophar (aka Reason To Be Pretty), who introduced me to her back in the day.
    Fast forward to 2014 and this textile-artist-illustrator power house, decided that it’s time to take a new path as a ceramist. It doesn’t really surprise me that even when she thinks ceramics, Dana’s mind and soul are still working in a textile mode. “I think about patterns for ceramics much like I do when creating patterns for textiles, and while glazing I’m reminded of my days in the dye lab; there is a similar element of surprise.”
    The other day, while visiting my beloved Sight Unseen site, I stumbled upon Dana’s brand new collection of ceramic spoons and I was swooned by it. Of course you can use any one of these spoons but I would feel so bad if any harm came to them. They all look too pretty to touch so if I was you, I would treat them like a piece of art. There are many spoons out there that you can use in your everyday life, but these ones, you need to cherish and just stare at.