• By now, Hila Rawet Karni, the one behind Industrial Jewellery, is probably working hard on her next collection. For some reason (and don’t ask me why), I haven’t shared with you any of her latest collections. Shame on me!
    So now is the perfect time to redeem myself and share with you some of my favorite necklaces.
    What I love most about Hila’s accessories is the fact that time after time, she incorporates a wide variety of industrial materials. She manages to transform springs, ropes, rubber and other unusual materials, to the point where you need to take a second or third glance in order to truly recognize the pieces’ origins.
    On a side note: if I’m being brutally honest, I really need each and every one of these show stoppers. Like for real. I can’t control myself. I think that I should start with the Philipa Necklace and V Necklace. By then, I’ll be able to breath more freely. Because now, the notion that I still don’t have them in my possession is hurting. Really bad.
  • {Photos by Aya Wind}