• When you spot a black leather shoe with an interesting cut and unique shape, the odds are that you bumped into one of UnaUna’s creations. The ladies behind this distinct label, Almog Weiss and Mira Gafni, live in a world of their own. A world in which there aren’t too many distractions from the outside. They are so concentrated deep within themselves and it seems like, they aren’t too worried about the seasonal trends that come and go. And yet, each and every season, the two manage to bring to life the most intriguing and genuine collection. The normally choose to work only with black colors which works great for them. For them, the color black is a world of its own. That’s why when I realized that Almog and Mira named their Summer 2014 collection “Black Toys”, it felt so right. And you can’t really imagine these sophisticated shoes in any other color. You just can’t! They are perfect just the way they are. In black.
  • {Photos byGuy Gilad}