• I’m having such a hard time keeping all the 2014 Graduate posts to myself before the Graduate Shows actually starts.
    Oh well, who cares.
    Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite illustrated discoveries, Miss Tom Melnick.
    Tom is a brand new graduate of the Communication Design Department at the Shenkar College and she is one heck of a maker. Not only is she a brilliant illustrator, she also has some mad handmade skills. And like a true star, in her Gloomies project, she mixes them all.
    Gloomies are decorative toys for depressed and bummed people. The dolls express a few kinds of bad feelings that people experience sometimes like: heartbreak, anger, stress, sadness and exhaustion.
    The Gloomies aren’t meant to help you feel better, they are cynical and pessimistic, and as a result their characterizing sentence is an anti-inspirational quote.”
    FYI, the plastic dolls were 3D printed and then hand-colored.
    You can get in touch with Tom at: tomelnick {at} gmail {dot} com