• By the looks of it, I’m not doing such a good job in documenting My San Francisco Breaks. In fact, it’s been 4 months since the last one. Oh well.. I guess that sometimes life has it’s own pace.
    Since it’s summertime (finally!) I decided that I should explore some of San Francisco’s most talked about ice-cream places. In reality I found myself at Humphry Slocombe‘s Mission location during a hot Sunday and…
  • It didn’t take me long enough to pop into their Ferry Building location. Delicious? For sure!
    I’m not really sure which flavors I tried at the first location, but as you can see, the second time was all about lemons. Plus, I had to pair my brand new Kate Spade lemon kicks with a proper instagram pic. Yeah, it’s a bit too much, but that’s just me. BTW, Humphry Slocombe’s flavors are insane. And that only means more visits and many more IG pics will follow.
  • I can talk talk about ice-cream all day long but I can also talk about Tara Donovan’s crazy exhibition at the Pace Gallery. And no, I’m not talking about the Pace Gallery in NYC. I’m talking about the one in Menlo Park (aka, just around the corner). Who would have thought?! I should thank my friend Rachelle for this super duper heads up. You have no idea how blown away I was by Tara’s insane creation. This girl has some skills. All these structures are mind blowing. For real!
  • This sea of pencils is soooooooooo crazy. And I didn’t even start talking about the straw wall (!!!)
  • What else? Oh, I was invited by one of my favorite local illustrators, Courtney Cerruti, to a Social Sketch party. I’m no illustrator by any means but I do love watching illustrators doing their thing. I can stare for hours, so I was super excited to join a bunch illustrators, a pile of watercolors, lots of smiles and a mountain of cupcakes. I sure hope that’s only my first Social Sketch. I couldn’t stop smiling for days!
  • Another party that I couldn’t resist joining was Craftsman and Wolves‘ 2nd birthday celebration. It was all about birthday stories written by 3rd and 4th grade students from the 826 Valencia of the Creative Writing Program. The two winning stories were brought to life in the form of cakes (!!!) How cool is that?!
    Of course I went with The Black Frosting — a gluten free semolina cake with semolina lavender crumble, a light vanilla mousse, blackberry frosting and………. sprinkles! So good.
    As you can see, I can’t pass a slice of sprinkly cake. At the same time I think that it is a proper ending to yet another San Francisco Break.
    And on that festive note, I’m wishing you a sunny weekend and a Happy 4th to all you Americans out there.
    xx- E.
    {Photos by me}