• With 2014 graduation shows just around the corner, I couldn’t resist sharing with you Amit Shimoni’s graduate project out of the Visual Communications Department at the Bezalel Academy.
    A couple of months ago I bumped into his hilarious portrait series, “Hipster Leaders”, which represent a group of iconic leaders of Israel’s history as… yep, hipsters. Amit’s first groovy leader was David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s 1st prime minister. Back then, I didn’t know that Amit intends to transforms his illustrations into a graduate project but I’m sure happy he decided to do so.
    It all began when Amit got an assignment that urged him to compare between past and present leaders’ vision. What makes Amit illustrations so lovable is the fact that he found the fine line and the right mix between our nostalgic notion as Israelis (these leaders are soooooo old, oops…) and modern elements. I mean, who would have thought Ben Gurion could look so rad with Ray Bans?! AND wait, I still can’t get over his crazy pineapple shirt. He is so trendy! Or what about Shulamit Aloni and her perfect do? I wish I could rock this head scarf like she does. Shulamit was one of the more conservative ones when it came to her fashion esthetics and Amit sure gave her the 180 flip. BTW, her illustration and the one of Ben Gurion are my favorites, but I’m sure you already figured that out.
    You can see an animated version of Amit proses while trying imagining how your very own national leaders could have looked like under the Amit hip touch.