• Usually I don’t post two Wold Break posts in a row but there is always a first time for everything.
    When my fellow MSSer, Stephen Jameskennedy, shared with me his New Market Goods partnership with Deshal (a small community of artisans in Dhaka) “to produce a line of popover shirts, with the goal of better understanding and highlighting positive production practices in Bangladesh”, I just couldn’t look away. Plus, I fell in love with their happy color pallet, so it was an easy one.
    The popover combines the lightweight South Asian punjabi with the tailored details of traditional button-down shirts. The simple design highlights our textiles, which are produced using the oldest hand-loom techniques still found in Bangladesh.”
    Fun fact: the shirt prototype is a diligently collaboration between Stephen and his rad grandma.
    As you probably realized, the clock is ticking since there is a kickstarter campaign involved so, click away and have a behind the scenes look at the New Market Goods’ super exciting and inspiring mission.
  • {Photos by Colin Price and Sidarth Kantamneni}