• Fran Aldea, the heart and brains behind Minka Inhouse, had only one wish when she started her crafty journey in her home town Santiago, Chile. Her wish was to find a way to celebrate local craftsmanship that comes from the heart.
    First she quit her day job, then she started searching for talented local craftsmen that could teach her how to create using her favorite materials: clay and wool. While searching high and low, she met amazing people that are still in love with their work no matter how hard it gets. This is how Minka Inhouse came to life.
    FYI, Minka is a native word used to describe a collective work with a social purpose and benefit for the community.
    So… if chunky black and white blankets (with the raddest patterns) and detailed white ceramics are your cup of tea, you better head over to Kickstarter and back this heartfelt campaign.
    {This is a Chilean Break}