• I’ve been following Dafi Reis Doron’s footsteps ever since I bumped into her creations, during her Royal College of Art days back in 2012. Back then, she introduced to the world her first 75% Control project.
    In her 75% Controlled process, Dafi transforms traditional cushion material, polyurethane foam, into a fabric-like upholstered surface.
    “The foam is poured into an open mold, that allows it to freely expand within the furniture’s wooden structure. In this way, the foam locks and sticks to the structure and ‘grows’ a tactile surface that has a fabric look and feel.”
    Dafi has been mastering her process for the last two years and her latest 75% Control Stools indicate that this is only the beginning for these innovated foamed furnitures.
    There are so many paths and experiments to follow and so, I’m sure gonna follow this fascinating journey that is about to get bigger and brighter.
  • {Photos by Guy Hecht}